Shirt Pocket releases SuperDuper! 2.1.2 Heroic System Recovery for Mere
Mortals – Now with Growl notification!

Weston, MA — June 13, 2006: Shirt Pocket, creator of the 2004 Eddy
Award Winning netTunes, and the 2005 Eddy Award Winning SuperDuper!,
announces the immediate availability of SuperDuper! 2.1.2, the latest
release of the Intel compatible version of its popular disk copying
utility for Mac OS X.

In 2.1.2, we’ve added Growl support to both scheduled and manual backup
operations. Using Growl, users can set up many types of notifications
for when copies succeed and fail: pop-ups, mail, even sending a
notification directly from one Mac to another on their network. Simply
select your notification type, and SuperDuper takes care of the rest.

As always, we’ve continued our tradition of tweaking, fixing, enhancing
and improving SuperDuper’s existing capabilities — backups are easier,
faster and more convenient than ever!

SuperDuper can be used as a flexible backup program, but it goes well
beyond mere duplication. Its unique “Sandbox” feature lets you install
potentially risky drivers or system updates without fear of creating an
unbootable or unworkable system — or losing access to your critical
personal data.

SuperDuper 2.1.2 retains the benefits of the 2.0 series, which added:
the ability to easily schedule backups; additional imaging options; more
control over shutdown; better AppleScript support; hundreds of UI
improvements; and a completely rewritten, task-based User’s Guide.

“We listen carefully to our users, and they’ve been asking for many
different types of notifications. With the new Growl support in
2.1.2, we’re able to notify in as many ways as there are Growl
plug-ins… and believe me, there are a lot of Growl plug-ins!”

SuperDuper’s power is accessible to all Macintosh users, thanks to its
easily understood interface and complete documentation. Everything that
will occur is presented in a clear summary section entitled “What’s
going to happen?”, ensuring that even the least experienced user is
guided through the process step by step.

“I really like SuperDuper’s speedy and reliable backups,” says Rich
Siegel, author of BBEdit and CEO of Bare Bones Software. “Scheduling
and Smart Update make it fast and easy to protect my important data,
so I can concentrate on my next great release — congratulations to
Shirt Pocket on theirs!”

SuperDuper 2.1.2 supports both Intel and Power PC Macs running Mac OS X
10.3.9 or later, and is available for immediate download at the Shirt
Pocket web site It’s a free update for
existing users. The unregistered version will perform full backups for
free. Registration costs $27.95, and includes many additional timesaving
features, including Smart Update for faster backups, Scheduling, and

About Shirt Pocket

Shirt Pocket, based in Weston, Massachusetts, was formed in late 2000 as
a Macintosh-only shareware creator and publisher. Shirt Pocket’s first
product, the 2004 Eddy Award winning netTunes, lets customers control
iTunes on one Mac from any other Mac on the network with iTunes own
intuitive user interface. launchTunes, Shirt Pocket’s second product,
made iTunes’ playlist sharing practical by automatically launching
iTunes on remote servers when needed. SuperDuper!, the 2005 Eddy Award
winning disk copying program that allows mere mortals to back up and
restore their systems accurately and confidently, was released in
January 2004.

Shirt Pocket was started by David Nanian, co-founder of UnderWare, Inc,
and one of the original authors of the BRIEF programmer’s editor and
Track Record bug tracking system.