Mac Software Increases the Fun-factor and Functionality of Sony’s Popular
PlayStation Portable

LOS GATOS, Calif.–June 13, 2006–Mark/Space, Inc. announced today the
immediate availability of their new synchronization software product for
Mac OS X, The Missing Sync for Sony PSP. This latest product from the
company known for connecting cool gadgets to the Mac provides a number of
innovative features that PlayStation Portable owners are sure to enjoy,
including Intel-native video encoding; offline web browsing; packaging of
contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and Safari bookmarks into stylized web
pages and integration with iPhoto and iTunes. All of the software’s
capabilities are designed to enhance the PSP experience for Mac users.

“The PSP is an unbelievably cool device, capable of fulfilling multiple
roles,” said Brian Hall, Mark/Space president and CEO. “By leveraging the
PSP’s inherent strengths and providing Mac OS X integration, The Missing
Sync for Sony PSP increases the usefulness of the PSP in many ways that are
both useful and exciting. Never before has a device presented personal
information, such as calendars and contacts, in as fun a way as we’ve made
possible with the PSP. Our customers will be taking their PSP more places
than ever.”


All of the features present in The Missing Sync for Sony PSP either
increase the functionality or the fun-factor of the device. For example,
the PSP does not provide applications for storing contacts or calendar
information. The Missing Sync solves this problem by gathering data from
Mac OS X’s Address Book and iCal apps–or any applications that employ
Apple’s Sync Services technology in Mac OS X “Tiger”–and making it
viewable in the PSP’s Web Browser. Memos from the bundled Mark/Space
Notebook application are also downloaded to the device, putting useful
information at its owners fingertip.

The start page for all of this information is then bookmarked, providing
quick access from the PSP’s Web Browser application. This capability gives
the PSP an electronic organizer-like capability, making it far more than
just a multimedia game device. Mark/Space takes this feature one step
further by providing interesting themes for presenting information on the
device, allowing the user to personalize the experience to suit their own
tastes. Themes range from simple, colored themes to more complex,
photo-realistic themes with gorgeous background images.


The Missing Sync for Sony PSP introduces a feature that downloads web
content for offline viewing. Called WebSnacks, this feature downloads web
pages, blogs and RSS feeds to the PSP’s Memory Stick and bookmarks them for
convenient offline viewing. Settings are provided for how deep to scan and
how often to refresh downloaded content. WebSnacks provides access to
favorite web pages, allowing the user to stay informed or keep entertained
even when Wi-Fi Internet access isn’t available, such as on a commuter
train or in the movie theater before the show.


The Missing Sync for Sony PSP includes video encoding capabilities for
viewing movie previews, viral videos, home movies and other video content
on the PSP. Dragging videos to the application tells The Missing Sync to
prepare them for the PSP. The encoding methods provide native Intel and
PowerPC support, so the user will enjoy the best possible encoding
performance from their Mac. Quality and aspect ratio settings allow control
over the process. The Missing Sync for Sony PSP does not provide video
extraction from DVDs.


Complete integration with iPhoto and iTunes allows photos, music and
podcasts to be downloaded to the PSP. The user simply checks which albums
and playlists they want copied to the PSP, and The Missing Sync does the
rest. The software is smart enough not to download protected iTunes Music
Store songs that cannot be played on the device.


Mark/Space Notebook, a new standalone application for notes and memos is
included for free with The Missing Sync for Sony PSP. In addition to
supporting text and graphics notes syncing to the PSP via The Missing Sync,
Mark/Space Notebook supports Spotlight searching and synchronization across
multiple Macs via Apple’s .Mac service.


The Missing Sync also provides complete Memory Stick backup and restore
capabilities, with multiple restore points for added safety. There’s a Game
Backup plugin that protects the user’s time investment in game playing by
allowing them to restore specific game states to the device. The Folder
Sync plugin enables a sort of digital briefcase capability, syncing the
contents of selected folders back and forth between the Mac and the PSP.
The Missing Sync even keeps track of multiple Memory Sticks independently,
allowing the user to store different content on each. To learn more about
The Missing Sync for Sony PSP, please visit


The Missing Sync for Sony PSP is available immediately for $29.95 as an
electronic download from the Mark/Space Online Store
( A single installer provides a Universal
application that supports both Intel and PowerPC Macs in English, French,
German, Italian and Spanish. Japanese language support will be available by
the end of June.


Founded in 1990, Mark/Space, Inc.,, develops and markets
mobile and wireless software, including the award-winning Missing Sync
products that connect a Mac OS computer to handheld devices from Dell,
Garmin, HP, HTC, Motorola, Palm, Samsung, Sony and others.