Intego Updates ChatBarrier X4 iChat Encryption Software Providing Secure
Text Chats, Audio Conferences, and File Transfers

Austin, Texas, June 9, 2006 — Intego, the Macintosh security specialist,
today announced the launch of ChatBarrier X4, a new version of its
acclaimed program that works in conjunction with Apple’s iChat instant
messaging software to provide two-way, real-time encryption of text chats,
audio chats and file transfers. ChatBarrier X4 uses industry standard
encryption that prevents hackers or unintended recipients from reading
private messages.

ChatBarrier X4’s real-time encryption protects text messages, audio
conversations or files sent during a chat session with iChat, which travel
over unprotected servers around the world. Because ChatBarrier X4 provides
real-time encryption, as soon as a user presses Return to send their
message, it is encrypted, guaranteeing that nobody but the intended
recipient can read it. In addition, even if messages are intercepted,
ChatBarrier X4 ensures that they are unbreakable. Messages are sent in
milliseconds and the recipient’s copy of ChatBarrier X4 decrypts them just
as quickly.

“Instant messaging is a powerful tool for businesses, and its immediacy can
make it much more practical and efficient than e-mail”, said Laurent
Marteau, CEO, Intego. “But many businesses hesitate to allow the use of IM
software and rightly so. It’s simple for hackers to record messages sent to
and from company networks, or to intercept files transferred via iChat. The
only way companies using iChat can ensure their messages are kept secret is
to use ChatBarrier X4, which provides unbreakable encryption in both

ChatBarrier X4 offers the following:

* Seamless operation – once ChatBarrier X4 is installed it is ready
whenever it’s needed

* Full protection for instant messaging – keeps all messages secret

* Instant encryption and decryption – ChatBarrier X4 works fast and there
is no message lag

* Industry standard encryption – using AES or Blowfish encryption, only the
intended recipient can decrypt messages encrypted by ChatBarrier X4

* New: Encryption for audio chats – carry out audio conferences with total

* New: File transfer encryption – send files securely and immediately over
the Internet with no need for additional encryption/decryption tools

* A second license included for free with the purchase of ChatBarrier X4

Like all of Intego’s X4 programs, ChatBarrier X4 is fully compatible with
both PowerPC and Intel processors, running native on Apple’s new
Intel-based Macs. ChatBarrier X4 also comes with Intego widgets and
Intego’s NetUpdate program. Intego widgets provide information on which
Intego programs are running and whether updates are available, and Intego’s
NetUpdate program provides automatic updates to ChatBarrier X4 and its

ChatBarrier X4 is available now from Intego via the Intego website,

Pricing (excluding shipping, handling and any applicable sales tax):

Intego ChatBarrier X4 single-user license (includes a second license for fre=

United States – $ 39.95
Europe – =A4 39.95
United Kingdom – =A3 31.04

All registered users of ChatBarrier X3 can upgrade to ChatBarrier X4 for
free via NetUpdate.

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