MegaDialer 1.0 – Single Point to Manage Address Books and VoIP Dialers

MEGADIALER.NET has announced the unveiling of MegaDialer 1.0. This handy
software provides a centralized location to manage your address books and
VoIP dialers. It eliminates complexities, which are typically associated
with situations when you transfer data between your contact data sources
and dialers. MegaDialer lets you retrieve a contact phone number from
various address books, SkypeOut, LDAP storage, CSV and vCard files and make
a call from your computer over VoIP such as GIZMO Project, phone\ISDN,
Skype, and X-Lite.

MegaDialer is perfect for people who have no time to spend on learning how
to install or use software. It is easy to install and use. Thanks to the
Configuration Wizard, you are guided through all the stages of adding a new
address book or a VoIP dialer in a point-and-click fashion. An additional
convenience comes with an intuitive and unobtrusive user interface that
allows you to find any phone number and redirect a call to a suitable
dialer application absolutely effortlessly in no time. The interface has a
multilanguage support, which eliminates problems with national characters
from different languages in the same address book.

One of the best features in MegaDialer is a support for large address
books, which makes it more convenient compared to VoIP dialers. The latter
are good in terms of communication and voice transfer, but often fail to
deliver when it comes to handling address books of a large volume. Another
good feature in MegaDialer is shared address book access. Typically, VoIP
phones save their address book in a “strange” data format. So, the only way
to exchange data is manual import or export. Using MegaDialer, you can use
all your contacts with different VoIP dialers, for example, dial your
SkypeOut contacts via the GizmoProject or X-Lite.

Main Benefits of MegaDialer:
– Use all your contacts with different VoIP dialers;
– Set customized dialing rules specific to the dialer or a VoIP provider;
– Large address book support;
– Shared address book access;
– Quick contact search by name and\or phone number.

MegaDialer Pricing and Availability
MegaDialer 1.0 runs under Mac OS X 10.2.8 and higher. A single license
costs $9.95 (USD), a family pack license for five family members costs
$19.95 (USD). Registered users are entitled to the unrestricted
functionality, free updates to minor versions and considerable discounts on
updates to major versions. Additional information on MegaDialer, as well as
its evaluation version for Mac OS X is available from