Zizasoft Releases zsCompare 3.0

Now with three Editions to satisfy every user’s needs.

Denver, CO May 5th, 2006 – Zizasoft LLC, creator of software utilities for
Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, announces the release of zsCompare Version
3.0. ZsCompare 3.0 includes several new enhancements and is now available
in three editions to satisfy a broad range of user needs.

ZsCompare allows users to efficiently synchronize computers, backup data,
compare different versions of files, verify that CDs have been copied
correctly, manage Zip files, review changes to source code, and more. Users
can easily run comparisons on local directories, networked computers, or
removable media, such as CDs, DVDs, and flash drives. zsCompare is highly
customizable to meet a wide range of needs.

ZsCompare 3.0 adds many new file and freeform text comparison features,
including the ability to compare text from Microsoft Word documents and PDF
documents. Also, zsCompare provides additional control over how the
comparison is performed with predefined options for common comparisons.
Finally, the new version of zsCompare permits direct editing of the
contents of a file from the results.

New directory comparison features in zsCompare allow users to create and
compare Snapshots of the file system and to create and apply Patch files
for files and directories. Patch files allow users to store just the
differences between two files or directories. This saves space on hard
drives and allows users to easily send small files to people at remote
locations. Users can also directly modify file names, attributes, and
timestamps from the results now.

Also new is the ability to save sets of options for future use. Users can
easily change between sets of options from the main comparison screen.
Having multiple options sets provides quick access to different types of
comparisons and allows users to obtain the best results depending on what
is being compared.

ZsCompare 3.0 operates on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It runs on the Java
platform, a copy of which is included with the zsCompare installation.

ZsCompare 3.0 is available in three editions: Professional ($199.95),
Standard ($99.95), and Lite ($35.00).

The Lite Edition contains basic comparison and synchronization
functionality. With the Lite Edition, users can compare directories, zip
files, text files, and freeform text.

The Standard Edition contains all of the features in the Lite Edition plus
it adds several additional features to increase productivity. The Standard
Edition includes support for creating and comparing snapshots as well as
support for changing attributes, timestamps, and file names directly from
the results. The Standard Edition also has more powerful text comparison
options, and the ability to directly edit the text of a file from the
results. With the Standard Edition, users can also view results in a binary
mode to compare non-textual files.

The Professional Edition contains all of the features in the Standard
Edition plus support for comparing the text of Microsoft Word documents and
PDF files. The Professional Edition also lets users create and run scripts
to automate the complete functionality of zsCompare.

All versions include free lifetime upgrades and free technical support.

More information, including a complete list of enhancements and a fully
functional 30 day trial version, is available at

About Zizasoft

Based in Parker, Colorado, Zizasoft creates software utilities which allow
business users and software developers to synchronize computers, compare
file revisions, backup files, clean up duplicate files, create patches of
files, create snapshots of files, and more. Zizasoft’s products are
designed to run on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

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