The Mac Support Store Offers a Complete Library of Apple Service Manuals
for Free

BROOKLYN, April 11 – The Mac Support Store, an Apple Authorized Service
Provider Plus has made over 200 Apple service manuals available for

This vast library of Apple service manuals contains extensive chapters on
troubleshooting, take apart, and schematic views. Remarkably, this library
includes every piece of Apple hardware you could imagine. Even obsolete
manuals like Newton MessagePads and Personal LaserWriters are there. While
more current manuals seem logical, why would The Mac Support Store make
obsolete manuals available?

“Three reasons,” said Jeff Graber, CMO (Chief Macintosh Officer) of The Mac
Support Store. “Apple sells technical self-certification. People who make a
living as Apple techs should have access to all hardware manuals, not just
later ones. Secondly, people do collect discarded hardware that could be
rebuilt and sold using proper manuals. Lastly, the library is powerful
information in lieu of planned obsolescence. Basically, if you can’t afford
to buy a new Mac, at least you have the knowledgeable option to repair one.”

Company Information

The Mac Support Store is an Apple Authorized Help Desk Specialist,
Reseller, and Service provider in Brooklyn, NY.

Since 1996, they have supported over 17,000 computers with their custom
Mac-only service Pro Support and the newly developed iSupport. The company
is on the web at