From: Joerg Bullmann (
Subject: [ANN] MacCVSClient 1.6

MacCVSClient 1.6 is a free CVS source code revision control client running
on Mac OS 7.1 and later.

MacCVSClient has useful features like easy viewing of diffs and logs, a
safe way to ensure you resolve conflicts before committing changes, and a
convenient scrapbook window where you can compose log messages.

It can store Mac OS resource files in RBL, a line based text format.
Resource files stored this way can be auto- merged by CVS and diff’ed like
normal text files. The AppleSingle storage format is supported as well.

New in this release:

* zlib data stream compression
* MUCH faster check out
* better auto-merge in RBL
* window positions are remembered
* faster module window display and filtering
* improved CVS add/import pre-flight: get your files’
keyword substitution and storage format right before
you add them to the repository
* other minor additions
* bug fixes

MacCVSClient’s new home is:

Joerg Bullmann