From: Vinnie Moscaritolo (
Subject: CALL for Papers: The Millennium Mac-Crypto Conference

Take out your calendars, It’s that time again folks.

I am starting to put together the schedule for the Millennium Edition of
the Mac Crypto/ Internet commerce workshop. The dates should be the week of
Jan 29th, 2001. I have booked us space for that whole week, on the Apple
Cupertino Campus .

Henceforth, I am looking for folks to give talks, papers etc.

This year’s overall theme could cover “Security in a MacOS X world”. I
would like to see a number of talks related to how MacOS X changes the
Macintosh threat model. In addition I would also like to see a few talks
about lessons learned in the last few years about developing crypto related
products. Maybe something about digital rights management or music. Digital
cash talks are always welcome.

I would like both technical and tutorial material. As usual I discourage
simple marketing presentations without content, this is a technical group.

Please try to keep the talks no more than 40 minutes with an additional 10
minutes allocated for for Q&A..

I suspect that there a a number of new people who have never been to a Mac
Crypto. To get an idea about what this is all about take a look at the past
three conference archives at

I will be posting a preliminary schedule, formal announcements and
registration form in a month. In the meantime if you would like to give a
talk, please send me the Title, Author’s full name and email address and a
small abstract I can post on the web-page. Once you have slides or possibly
a pdf, please send me a copy I post or link to..