Ximeta Drives Shared Storage into the Home and Office with New NetDisk Series

Features advanced NDAS performance technology and 400/500GBs of shared
storage for multimedia jukeboxes, surveillance systems, set-top boxes,
digital video, MP3’s, and data backup

FREMONT, Calif., April 10, 2006 — Ximeta, the pioneer of Network Direct
Attached Storage (NDAS) technology, today announced the availability of its
new NetDisk 400 with the NetDisk 500 coming soon. The NetDisk 400 is the
industry’s first high-performance, scalable 400GB Ethernet/USB 2.0 combo
hard drive embedded with NDAS technology for consumers, workgroups, and
SMBs. The 400GB NetDisk is available today for $479 MSRP. Pricing and
availability for the NetDisk 500 will be announced within the next 30 days.

Compatible with both Windows and Mac systems, NetDisk provides 400GB of
instant, blazing-fast, shared network or extended PC storage for capacity
hungry applications including digital photography, graphic arts, gaming,
machinema, media players, MP3 collections, video libraries, and IP
surveillance. Users simply plug it into a USB port for direct access or
their router/switch for immediate shared storage.

Ximeta’s NDAS technology allows multiple devices to access storage through
the network without any server intervention. Unlike other architectures
such as NAS, SAN, and USB mass storage, no server interferes between the
storage device and the client host. All users can directly manage, access,
and share folders simultaneously without server intervention, which
eliminates typical performance degradation and bottlenecks. NDAS offers the
performance and efficiency comparable to a network file server, at a lower

“Ximeta delivers easy to use, feature-rich shared storage appliances that
provide realworld solutions for businesses and networked homes,” said Marie
Wesson, Product Marketing Manager of Ximeta. “With the explosion of digital
file formats for files, movies, music, pictures, and multimedia, our unique
NDAS technology enables any user to take full advantage of high performance
storage and RAID capabilities in a fully portable, scalable, simplified
storage system.”

In addition to not requiring an IP address, the NetDisk allows backup or
expansion through software features that permit Raid 1 or Raid 0 backup,
aggregation and mirroring. Combined with industry leading backup software,
a unique hardware identification and access keycode utility that allows
specific user(s) read and write authority, the NetDisk provides complete
network security. The simplicity of NDAS allows for sharing data between
multiple computers and network appliances without the need of expertise or
maintenance. For more information and availability, visit

About Ximeta NDAS
Ximeta’s Network Direct Attached Storage (NDAS) is a proprietary network
storage architecture that allows direct attachment of existing ATA/ATAPI
devices to Ethernet without a separate server. Multiple NetDisks can be
aggregated together to build a huge single volume. A NetDisk can also serve
as a mirror image of another, providing secure, realtime backup.

About Ximeta
Ximeta is based in Fremont, Calif. Founded in March 2003, Ximeta is the
pioneer of Network Direct Attached Storage (NDAS) technology. Using
patented chip and software technology, Ximeta offers the industry’s first
high-performance, fully scalable and portable networked storage solutions
for consumers and SMBs that bypass the server’s CPU.

Ximeta is dedicated to providing high performance shared storage products
that are affordable and easy to use in business and in the home. Ximeta
focuses on R&D and the development of robust products based on its
market-leading NDAS technology. Ximeta also believes in providing an
enhanced customer experience and has built its business around superior
service and support.