Taylor Design Releases TextSpresso 3.0b1

Taylor Design is proud to announce the return of one of the most
highly decorated and powerful text editing and filtering applications
ever to hit the Mac market. Taylor Design has released TextSpresso
3.0b1 for both Mac OS X and Windows (98/ME/2000/XP). The TextSpresso
3.0b1 release represents a rewrite of the original code base and
offers new features, much better support for Mac OS X, and a new
Windows version.

TextSpresso 3’s new features include:
* Global Filter Menu which lets users filter text in other
applications by simply selecting the text and then selecting the
filter from the global menu.
* Global Filter Palette which lets users filter text in other
applications by simply selecting the text and then double clicking
the filter in the palette.
* A new text display engine which can display and edit hundreds of
MB’s of text and data quickly and efficiently, enabling TextSpresso
to deal with files that literally choke competing products.
* BASIC Script filter type which lets users create filters using the
BASIC programming language. BASIC Script filters can process text in
ways that go behind search and replace and can even access the web.
* Text filtering and display engines updated for Unicode with file
encoding conversion for dozens of text encodings on both Mac OS and

TextSpresso 3.0b1 is available now from the Taylor Design web site
and is a free upgrade for registered users. Others may download it
and use it for free for up to 30 days. TextSpresso can be registered
via Taylor Design’s secure online store and by postal mail.

The following special sale prices are available for TextSpresso
during the 3.0 public beta period:
* Single User for Mac OS: $25
* Single User for Windows: $25
* Combo for both Mac OS and Windows: $40
* Site License: $500.00

TextSpresso can be found at the following locations:

Company Site

Online Store

TextSpresso Page

Direct Download Link for Mac OS

Direct Download Link for Windows

What is TextSpresso?

TextSpresso is an easy to use, professional level text editor and
cleaner. TextSpresso includes over 250 filters and can:

* Clean up Internet text, including E-mails and downloaded web pages.
* Prepare text for Internet transport, HTML publishing, and print
* Perform fast, multi-pattern data extraction, such as extracting web
page URL’s.
* Sort text according to user defined sections and keys.
* Convert text files between Mac and PC with highly accurate
character preservation.
* Filter the selected text in virtually any application through a
Global Filter Menu and Palette.
* Batch filter text files with a fast, multi-threaded batch processor.
* Open, view, edit, and filter text and data files with dozens or
even hundreds of MB’s of data.

What are TextSpresso’s Awards?

TextSpresso’s awards and ratings include:
* 5 Apples (MacHome Journal Magazine February 2001 Review)
* 5 Smileys (Mac OS Journal September 2000 Review)
* 5 Stars (AppleWizards August 1999 Review)
* 4 Mice (Macdownload.com)
* File Mine Jewel (File Mine)
* 4 Cows (TUCOWS)
* Featured in the Kleper Report on Digital Publishing.

What are TextSpresso’s features?

* Supports filtering of the selected text within virtually any
* Batch processing of documents.
* Fast, memory efficient, multi-threaded filters.
* Up to 100 levels of undo for each open document.
* Includes over 250 filters for HTML, Internet, platform conversion,
publishing, data extraction, sorting, web search, and more.
* MultiFilters provide double click application of more than one filter.
* Extract Data filters provide fast, multi-pattern data extraction.
* Sort Pattern filters sort text according to user defined sections
and keys.
* BASIC Script filters allow users to process text using the BASIC
programming language.
* Users may create new filters using any one of 11 core filter types.
* Users can trade filters they create with other TextSpresso users.
* Over 30 user preferences.
* Intuitive, slick user interface.
* And much more!

What does TextSpresso require for use?

* Any Macintosh computer that can run Mac OS X version 10.2 or higher.
* Any PC with a Pentium II class processor or higher running Windows
98 or higher.

About Taylor Design

Taylor Design is a privately owned software shop located in southern
California. Taylor Design specializes in custom and commercial
software for the Mac OS and Windows platforms. Taylor Design also
offers consulting and web site design services to businesses in the
southern California area.

Web: http://www.taylor-design.com/
E-mail: help@taylor-design.com