New DLT-S4 Provides Up to Five Petabytes of Capacity in Quantum PX720 Tape
Library and 25 Terabytes in 2U Tape Autoloader – Delivering Lowest Cost per
Gigabyte of Storage Available Today

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Quantum Corp. (NYSE:DSS), a global leader in storage,
today introduced DLT-S4, the first tape drive specifically designed to meet
the demands of emerging tiered storage architectures and customers’
continuing data growth. Quantum’s new enterprise-class tape drive addresses
these challenges by delivering the industry’s highest capacity – 1.6
terabytes per cartridge (compressed), twice the capacity of LTO-3 and
almost three times that of SDLT 600 – and the lowest cost per gigabyte of
any storage available today – just six cents per GB. DLT-S4 sets the
benchmark for a new category of “tiered storage tape,” in which enterprises
not only have short backup windows and restore time objectives but also
need high capacity, manageability and security. DLT-S4 features Quantum’s
award-winning DLTSageTM, a suite of intelligent data protection tools that
includes DLTSage WORM (Write Once, Read Many) and DLTSage Tape Security.
DLTSage WORM is designed to meet the regulatory compliance requirements for
unalterable long-term data storage, using a standard tape cartridge.
DLTSage Tape Security prevents unauthorized access to data on tape
cartridges and is particularly valuable in the event tapes are lost or

“Many of today’s enterprises have already moved to or are planning for a
quick migration to tiered storage architectures based on their business
requirements for data protection, performance, availability, and rapid
recovery,” said Bob Abraham, principal analyst for Freeman Reports.
“Quantum’s DLT-S4 provides very high capacity, critical security features,
and advanced management capabilities – at essentially the same price point
as older technologies currently on the market – making it a high value
option for tiered storage networks.”

Unparalleled Value in Tape Automation Systems

The fourth generation in Quantum’s performance line of DLT-S tape drives
(formerly named SDLTTM), the DLT-S4 delivers an unprecedented combination
of capacity and value for overtaxed storage networks grappling with growing
volumes of data. With DLT-S4, organizations now have the ability to back up
remote offices or workgroups on a single cartridge. It is especially
valuable for customers in tiered storage or high capacity tape automation
environments because the DLT-S4 delivers twice the capacity of the nearest
alternative offering for the same price, or the same capacity for half the
price. For example, a customer with a $15,000 budget that previously would
have been able to purchase a 25 TB, 4U tape automation solution from a
competing vendor will be able to purchase a 51 TB tape automation solution
with DLT-S4 from Quantum for the same price and form factor. Alternatively,
if the customer only wants a 25 TB solution, he/she will be able to get
this in a 2U form factor for just $7,000 – thus meeting the capacity
requirement in half the rack space and for half the cost.

By making DLT-S4 immediately available in Quantum’s PX720 enterprise tape
library, Quantum now offers a tape automation system with 1 PB of capacity
in a single frame and up to 5 PB when five frames are connected via the
CrossLink MechanismTM. This enables customers to have “silo-class”
capacities at a fraction of the cost or to implement a tiered storage
disk-and-tape solution at a price that until today would have allowed for
just a tape-only solution. The PX720 also has a Web-based key management
feature that provides system administrators with secure role-based access
to easily create, assign, and manage DLTSage Tape Security keys. In the
event of a disaster, the key file can be saved, backed up, or exported to
another PX720 library.

“Recent corporate acquisitions and increased business opportunities
continue to expand our data storage requirements for a sustainable,
cost-effective tape-based option that can deliver capacity and
enterprise-level functionality and can keep pace with our existing virtual
tape investments,” said Peter Popovich, network engineer for Epicor
Software Corporation, a leading enterprise software solutions provider.
“With the added pressures of regulatory compliance and increased awareness
for data security, we are very reassured that Quantum has also addressed
those concerns at no additional cost to us.”

DLT-S4 Positions Customers for the Future

As part of a seven generation roadmap that provides an automation-ready
drive today and a planned migration path to 14 TB on a single cartridge,
DLT-S4 positions customers for the future. It also sets a new paradigm for
tiered storage tape, with the built-in intelligence and manageability of
DLTSage – enabling customers to monitor, diagnose and report the health of
their tape storage environments, as well as leverage the DLTSage WORM and
DLTSage Tape Security features. With an installed base of over 3.3 million
DLT tape drives and 130 million tape cartridges shipped, DLT tape
technology is a trusted choice for tape backup, recovery and archive of
customers’ business critical data.

“While implementing tiered storage architectures as part of their broader
information lifecycle management strategies has quickly become a reality
for many enterprises, they are still struggling with a key issue: the need
for greater capacity and functionality with no increase in budget,” said
Rob Pickell, vice president of worldwide marketing for Quantum. “DLT-S4 is
specifically engineered to deliver the tremendous capacity tiered storage
architectures demand while incorporating the reliability, compatibility,
performance, and value-added features that have become hallmarks of the
Quantum brand.”

The DLT-S4 tape drive uses DLTtape S4, an innovative media cartridge that
delivers industry-leading 800 GB native and 1.6 TB compressed storage
capacity and the lowest cost-per-gigabyte of storage available today.
DLTtape S4’s Super PET (S-PET) base film is designed with the strength and
durability needed in enterprise-class environments. This new media also
fully leverages DLTSage, giving IT professionals the tools they need to
protect, secure and more effectively manage their data. Reaffirming
Quantum’s commitment to protecting customers’ prior investments, DLT-S4 is
backward-read compatible with both SDLT 600 and SDLT 320.

Pricing and Availability

DLT-S4 is currently available, as both a standalone tape drive and for
Quantum’s PX720 enterprise tape library, through Quantum’s extensive
channel network of distribution and reseller partners. Standalone tape
drive street pricing is estimated to start at $4,495 and a single DLTtape
S4 cartridge costs about $100. DLT-S4 is scheduled to be available in
Quantum’s PX500 Series midrange tape libraries and the SuperLoader 3
autoloader next quarter.

About Quantum

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