The AxProtector now protects applications for Windows, Mac OS X, Java and
..NET without change of the source code

Software protection for all cases!

Karlsruhe – Wibu-Systems AG, a leading manufacturer of hardware based
protection solutions for software, documents, access and media, offers a
unique protection solution for all platforms and technologies with the
software protection solution CodeMeter. The software protected via
CodeMeter can only be used if the correct license has been stored in a
CM-Stick that is plugged in a suitable PC or within a network system.

The automatic encryption of executables happens via the AxProtector. For
this no source code is necessary. In addition to applications for 32 bit
Windows and 64 bit Windows, the new version now encrypts applications
written in Java and .NET. Another exciting new development is the extension
for Apple Macintosh: with immediate effect it is possible to protect Mac OS
X applications for the CPUs of PowerPC and Intel as well as the new
Universal Binaries that include the code of all Macintosh computers.

Oliver Winzenried, C.E.O. of Wibu-Systems AG, adds: “The new AxProtector
offers an unprecedented service package for software vendors: highest level
of security and flexibility for the license management with a minimum of
implemenation effort. The finished application can be protected later with
one and the same protection solution for different operating systems. It
also includes the new Intel Macs. Many license models can be choosen here:
trial versions, evaluation versions, modulare licenses, software renting or
leasing, Pay-Per-Use, single user licenses, network licenses or time
limitation. Furthermore, the CM-Stick offers personal security functions
for the users.”

WIBU-SYSTEMS was founded in 1989 by Oliver Winzenried and Marcellus
Buchheit. The main focus is in the fields of Digital Rights Management,
software protection, license management, document protection and access
control. The company located in Karlsruhe has distributors all over the
world and offices in Seattle, USA, as well as in Shanghai, China.