Launches Awareness of AOL’s New eMail Tax

For those that don’t know, AOL is going to start charging outside senders
to send email to AOL users.

The AFL-CIO, EFF, freepress, and many, many others are taking a stand with
an open letter to AOL asking them re-consider this decision.

What’s This About?

In February 2006, AOL announced that it would accept payment for incoming
emails. For these certified emails, it would skip its usual anti-spam
filters and guarantee delivery for cash. Our coalition believes that the
free passage of email between Internet users is a vital part of what makes
the Internet work. When ISPs demand a cut of “pay-to-send” email, they’re
raising tollbooths on the open Net, interfering with the passage of data by
demanding protection money at the gates of their customers’ computers.

What can you do?

Learn about AOL’s email tax at:

Learn what you can do to take action against this:

But whatever you do, don’t expect this to just go away — you need to act NOW!