OmniPilot Makes Several Announcements at Lasso Summit

– OmniPilot Software Introduces Lasso Professional Server 8.5
– OmniPilot Software Offers FREE Lasso Developer 8.5
– OmniPilot Partners with Software FX to Deliver Chart FX for Lasso
– OmniPilot Offers Free Lasso Education Curriculum Package

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OmniPilot Software Introduces Lasso Professional Server 8.5 at Lasso Summit
2006 in Fort Lauderdale

New Version Goes Beyond Scripting…Professional Programming for the Web

LASSO SUMMIT 2006 – February 17, 2006 – OmniPilot Software, Inc.,
officially unveiled Lasso Professional Server 8.5 (LP 8.5) today during the
Lasso Summit, which is being held at the historic Riverside Hotel on Las
Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. The Lasso Summit is the premier event
for members of the Lasso community to collaborate and discuss the further
evolution of the Lasso product line. Over 75 of the top Lasso developers
from as far as Sweden and New Zealand converged for this year’s Lasso

Brett Circe, president of OmniPilot Software, kicked off the Lasso Summit
with his keynote speech. He introduced LP 8.5 to an eager crowd of Lasso
developers stating, “Today marks a milestone for the Lasso community as we
gather to officially launch the next edition of Lasso Professional. LP 8.5
takes Lasso beyond Web scripting, making it a powerful and more advanced
programming language.”

The following lists a few of the top new features of LP 8.5:

– Universal Binary for Intel Mac: Native support for the best speed and

– LJAX: Supports Web 2.0 techniques for modern dynamic web design. Includes
Lasso AJAX tags and JS functions working together to enable interactive
page updates.

– Support for many Native Data Sources including: Microsoft SQL Server,
PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, ODBC, Filemaker and OpenBase.

– Built in LDAP Integration: Integrate Lasso with office data and login

– Specify data sources within inlines. Prepared statements allow faster DB
operations. Create multiple result sets from a single inline.

– Shell Support: Allows access to native processes within the OS.

– Enhanced Site Admin: View, prioritize and abort threads from the Admin.

– Email Enhancements: Direct sending to remote SMTP servers, SSL support,
improved encoding speed, better support for attachments.

In addition, LP 8.5 has been enhanced with numerous customer feature
requests including DNS lookup tags, URL rewrite tools, better encoding
support in file and network tags, Server and Site Administration
improvements, iCal file support, and much more.

Lasso Professional Server 8.5 retails for $649. Upgrades from version 8
start at $349. A Summit Promotion for February knocks 15% off the retail
price. Lasso Professional Alliance (LPA) members will receive one FREE
license of LP 8.5 with their current membership. To order LP 8.5, visit or call 954-874-3100.


OmniPilot Software Offers FREE Lasso Developer 8.5
FREE Download Available with Form Submission

LASSO SUMMIT – February 17, 2006 – OmniPilot Software, Inc., developers of
Lasso, announced a FREE Lasso Developer 8.5 to an eager crowd of Summit
attendees during the Lasso Summit, which is officially underway this
weekend at the Riverside Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“By offering Lasso Developer 8.5 for free, we hope to remove some of the
barriers that commonly exist when trying a new middleware programming
language,” said, Circe. “One way to do that is by offering free developer
and test server licenses, which let you build, test and try before you buy.”

Packed with exciting new features found in Lasso Professional Server 8.5,
also announced today, Lasso Developer 8.5 now supports 5 IP addresses and
200 connections per minute.

“The new Lasso Developer 8.5, can now serve as a fully functional test
server before deploying on a live server,” added Circe.

Lasso Developer 8.5 will begin public beta shortly, the official release is
scheduled for March. To receive a FREE license of Lasso Developer 8.5 log
on to to fill out the required form for the
download. A pack of free Lasso solutions are also included with the free
download. Lasso solutions include four well-documented solutions that
enable users to add blogs, message boards, quick polls, and collaborate
solutions to Web sites powered by Lasso. Lasso’s free solutions have been
well received by the media, and by the Mac and Lasso communities. Another
solutions pack is scheduled for release this year.


OmniPilot Software Partners with Software FX to Deliver Chart FX for Lasso

Industry-Leading Charting Tool Now Available for Lasso on Mac, Linux & Windows

LASSO SUMMIT – February 17, 2006 – OmniPilot Software, Inc., developers of
Lasso, has partnered with Software FX to bring Chart FX for Lasso to the
Mac and Linux platforms. Brett Circe, president of OmniPilot, made an
official announcement during the Lasso Summit, which is being held at Fort
Lauderdale’s historic Riverside Hotel on Las Olas Boulevard. Chart FX for
Lasso enables developers to add graphically dynamic charts to their Web
applications quickly and easily.

Chart FX, by Software FX, is the leading charting solution for enterprise
developers wishing to add data visualization capabilities to their
applications. Now Software FX has engineered Chart FX for Lasso for
OmniPilot to deliver to the thriving Lasso development market. Lasso
developers can make use of many of the Chart FX for Lasso features,
including borders, 2D & 3D, rotation & perspective, transparency &
anti-aliasing, labeling, gradients, constants, series attributes,
customized legends and many more.

“We are very excited about the release of Chart FX for Lasso, not only are
we bringing an enterprise-level solution to the Lasso, Mac and Linux
communities, but we are exposing developers to Lasso, our powerful and
secure middleware language” added Circe.

“Software FX is happy to provide Chart FX for Lasso developers to display
their data in a robust and efficient manner,” said Robert Williams, Vice
President of Software FX. “Lasso developers will immediately gain over 12
years of data visualization and analysis maturity in Chart FX for Lasso. We
hope that solutions like Chart FX add to the enterprise viability of the
Lasso platform.”

Chart FX for Lasso Developer will be included FREE with the new Lasso
Developer 8.5 that will be released in March. This combination will allow
developers to build and test dynamic Web applications with data
visualization before investing in a server for deployment. In addition to
the free developer, the Chart FX Designer for Eclipse will be included
within Lasso Studio for Eclipse, and will still retail for $199. Chart FX
for Lasso will retail for $999. As a Summit Promotion in the month of
February customers can order Chart FX for Lasso for 10% off. Public Beta
for Chart FX for Lasso will begin soon, with a release expected in Q2 of


OmniPilot Offers Free Lasso Education Curriculum Package for Colleges and

Four well-documented solutions included

LASSO SUMMIT – February 17, 2006 – OmniPilot Software, developers of Lasso,
today introduced The Lasso Education Curriculum Package during Lasso Summit
2006. This package includes one Lasso Professional Server 8.5 license, 30
developer licenses, and a sample pack containing four well-documented
solutions, written in curriculum style, to enable qualified instructors
with the tools necessary to teach student programmers how to use Lasso to
develop data-driven Web sites. The Lasso Education Curriculum Package is
free for qualified instructors.

Lasso is middleware that installs onto your Web server and allows you to
build and serve dynamic Web sites. The pages on your Web site can draw
data from any number of data sources including MySQL and FileMaker Pro. Web
applications can be created easily and quickly with far less code than
ColdFusion, ASP, PHP, or JSP. Web sites developed using Lasso can make use
of over one thousand tags that perform math and string operations, display
dates, manipulate XML data, create PDFs, modify images, send mail, download
mail, process SOAP and XML-RPC operations, and much more.

The Lasso Education Package includes a sample pack of four well-documented
solutions to create blogs, quick polls, message boards and collaborate
solutions. The package includes one license of Lasso Professional Server
8.5 and 30 developer licenses for student programmers. The entire package
is available on disc or can be downloaded by a qualified instructor
directly from OmniPilot’s Web site

The Blog solution teaches beginners and advanced users alike how to create
an online diary, or web log. Once authenticated, a user is permitted to
create new entries for their personal blog. Each entry consists of a
time-stamp, a title, and a message body. Other users are permitted to post
comments related to the entry.

The Quick Poll solution enables Lasso beginners to build a quick poll
directly to the site they are developing. Quick polls are designed to get
a quick read of the public’s opinion on current issues within a short
timeframe. When a visitor submits a vote, a result graph will display the
outcome to date. The questions and responses are usually displayed for
general entertainment purposes and do not reflect statistical data.

The Message Board solution allows student programmers to integrate
discussion forums directly to their Web sites. Through message boards,
people can swap messages, share ideas, make virtual friends and have
conversations online. Respondents can post replies to the featured
discussion topics and interact with other users.

The Collaborate solution enables knowledge sharing among a group of
developers and administrators in order to streamline the development of Web
sites from remote locations or geographically dispersed teams.


About OmniPilot Software
OmniPilot Software, Inc. is a software development company offering
cross-platform business management solutions designed to help
small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs) optimize their online presence. In
2006, OmniPilot celebrates the 10-year anniversary of Lasso, which survived
the boom and bust of the era because of its loyal following. It has
grown from a simple scripting language on the Mac to an enterprise
programming language for Mac, Windows and Linux. Lasso is a secure
corporate alternative to open source Web development languages. OmniPilot’s
software is used by over 15,000 corporations worldwide from The Golf
Channel to NASA, as well as over 1,000 educational institutions from
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to the University of Houston
(UH) to name a few. For more information visit