iClock 3.0: Which apps are in Rosetta?

Replace the limited Mac menubar clock with iClock. iClock is a centrally
located time hub that controls many time related functions.

See the time and date simultaneously in any format or color. Click to see a
drop down menu of the current time/date in any city in the world or option
click to see your updated portfolio of stocks. Use the lightning quick
calendar, stop watch, calculator and timers (that can be set with one
click). Never miss another appointment. Jot down notes in the new iClock To
Do list. Application menu and more… Widgets are limited to the widget
world, iClock is available everywhere from the menubar.

iClock shows the to do list, the alarms and the time zones menu all open at
once (not typical).


Version Changes
– Universal Binary for Intel/PowerPC goodness
– First time in any application. iClock Application Menu now displays
if an application on an Intel Mac is not a Universal Binary (says In
Rosetta). Very handy.
– Force any editing in the To Do list to be saved on window close, so
data is not lost when you logout.
– Updated local copy and paste in To Do list to change ({xxx}) to xxx
and ({xxx}, {yyy}) now creates: two item: xxx and yyy.
– Change floating clocks option to allow selection of city and/or
– Changed tool tip for floating clocks to give both local time and
other timezone.
– Changed feedback to include “Intel” if they are on a Intel Macintosh.
– Changed defaults for To Do list: no fade, show URL ICON, autoopen
– Changed behavour of selecting To Do list no need to double click to
change To Do lists.
– With autoopen, the details panel will selected when To Do list
opens now.
– Updated tooltip for ip address to only display internal ip address
if different than external ip address.
– Updated help for Chimes to include information about Chime Volume.
– Updated localization to support auto version check settings
– Expanded Chime Quiet Time range expanded from 3:00PM to 11:00AM.
– Added to the tooltip of unregistered users: “Register to see IP
address here!”.
– Added open archive option in Todo Preferences
– Added next scheduled date in the Register & Update panel
– Added to ASM menu an option to open Apple Menu Extras and iClock To
Do list
– Fixed ASM System Preferences sub-menu so all icon are displayed
(Account and some third party were not).
– Fixed a bug that may cause crash when given a bad calendar file.
– Fixed icon selection menu in Todo Preferences (remove blank item at
– Fixed minor bug in Register & Update panel to select current
frequency of auto update check
– Fixed Intel Build, by updated the Growl framework for iClock Warnme
application to V0.74 to support intel Macintoshes.
– Updated iClock Warn Me to support mailto: URL’s. This means an
alarm can send out an email.
– Removed some console log messages (wake from sleep, default stocks
loaded etc) if not in debug mode.
– Upgraded some localizations.
– Restart after upgrade now unnecessary if you upgrade from an iClock
newer then 2.0. If for some reason you don’t see version 3.0 after
installing then just log in/out or restart.
– Free upgrade for all owners of earlier iClock versions but please
let your friends/company/school know how incredibly useful iClock,
iKey, and CopyPaste are 🙂

Also option-clicking on iClock in the menubar gives you a
customizable stock portfolio.