iClock, CopyPaste, KnowledgeMiner and iKey Essential Software for Mac OS X

February 14, 2006 — Script Software (www.scriptsoftware.com) announced
today major updates to iClock, iKey, CopyPaste and KnowledgeMiner.

To understand why they are so useful please download and try the software
from here:


iKey 2.2 – now universal binary, double key launchers, works with USB
devices, many other improvements…

iKey is a utility for Mac OS X that can eliminate repetitive actions and
improve everyones productivity. iKey allows creation of shortcuts that
perform an action or sequence of actions each of which can be launched by
key combinations or menu or event. This easy to use macro/ automation
utility can save time, typing and hundreds of clicks everyday. Avoid carpal
tunnel, get more accomplished and have fun with iKey. An excellent manual
written by Adam Engst is included.

CopyPaste + yType 2.6.5 – many improvements, fixes and Japanese documentation

Copypaste the one and only award winning multiple clipboard editor/
archival utility includes yType which adds typing acceleration,
instantaneous spell checking, word prediction, typing logger, inline
equation solving that works in any application. Now with yType, CopyPaste
has become a whole new breed of application that allows you to do much less
and accomplish much more.

iClock 3.0 – now universal binary, on Intel Macs shows Rosetta applications
in menu, improved to do list, alarms, chimes, floating clocks, Growl…

Replace the antiquated/limited Mac menubar clock with iClock. iClock is a
centrally located time hub that controls many time related functions. See
the time and date simultaneously in any format or color. Click to see a
drop down menu of the current time/date in any city in the world or option
click to see your updated portfolio of stocks. Use the lightning quick
calendar, stop watch, calculator and timers (that can be set with one
click). Never miss another appointment. Jot down notes in the new iClock To
Do list. Application menu and more… Widgets are limited to the widget
world, iClock is available everywhere because its an application. iClock is
an essential utility for everyone in this global age.

KnowledgeMiner 5.1.5- now with extended AppleScript support for creating
models, creation of Analog Complexing classification and clustering models.

KnowledgeMiner is a revolutionary easy to use, learning, modeling,
prediction, artificial intelligence and datamining tool which was designed
to support the knowledge extraction process from data in a highly automated

KnowledgeMiner goes beyond neural nets using three advanced inductive
learning modeling algorithms: Self-Organizing Statistical Learning
Networks, Self-Organizing Fuzzy Rule Induction and Analog Complexing. It
was designed to extract hidden knowledge from data easily and has the power
to predict with an ease and accuracy that is not available in any other
software on any other platform. SUMMARY

Script Software released major updates to the essential Mac OS X
applications iClock, iKey, CopyPaste and KnowledgeMiner.


Script Software has been making essential software for the Macintosh and
Windows since 1987. They are the creators of the award winning CopyPaste,
iClock, iKey, iWatermark, KnowledgeMiner, iBeenFramed, Project Timer Pro,
ID Tunes, iSay, Easy Card, iStar Karaoke and now iStar Composer.