Delicious Library 1.6 – a free upgrade

SEATTLE, WA — Delicious Monster Software today released Delicious Library
1.6, a free upgrade to its MacWorld Eddy, O’Reilly Innovators, and Apple
Design award-winning home-library cataloging and sharing application for
books, movies, music, and video games.

Version 1.6 includes completely new barcode scanning technology to enable
owners of new iMacs and MacBook Pros to use their integrated iSight
cameras. This new technique uses ideas based on astronomy research on
refocusing images from earth-based telescopes, and allows Delicious Library
to correctly decode barcodes from images that are very blurry to a camera’s
optics. Employing Apple’s highly optimized Accelerate framework, Delicious
Monster was able to re-invent an algorithm that takes several hours per
frame in astronomy into one that can find and decode a barcode in 1/200th
of a second.

Delicious Library 1.6 is a now Universal application, running natively
(full-speed) on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs, and also includes
assorted bugfixes and performance improvements, as well as localizations
for three additional languages (Danish, Italian, and Swedish).

Delicious Library’s preexisting exclusive features include 30fps iSight
barcode scanning to import your stuff, beautiful photorealistic digital
shelves full of high-resolution 3D renderings of your covers (which makes
finding what you are looking for incredibly intuitive), Address Book and
iCal integrated checkout to keep track of who has your stuff, and smart
recommendations to help you find new things to add to your library.
Delicious Library also boasts automatic syncing with iPods, two-click
purchases from, and a native XML file format to give advanced
users direct access to all their library data.

Delicious Library costs $39.95, with an optional wireless Bluetooth laser
barcode scanner available for an additional $174.95. Owners of other
commercial collection packages will receive an upgrade discount of $10.00
and can easily import their existing collections into Delicious Library.


* New algorithm for reading bar codes with integrated iSights in iMacs and
MacBook Pros

* Delicious Library is now a univeral binary that will run on both PowerPC
and Intel systems

* Improved the robustness of importing items from ReaderwareAW,
ReaderwareVW, and Booxter

* Delicious Library is now translated into Danish (Thomas K), Italian
(Giampiero M), and Swedish (Hans K)

* Fixed an issue where media could be sorted incorrectly

* Fixed an issue where Email to a Friend would compose an empty email on
some systems

* Delicious Library now listens to the Bluetooth wireless scanner while in
the background

* Fixed a crash that could occur when adding two new borrowers in a row

* Fixed a crash that resulted from control-clicking an empty column in list

* Fixed a crash that could occur when adding items to a custom shelf