J. Kevin Wolfe has released Serious Editing in iPhoto 6, which has been updated for both iPhoto 6 and Mac OS X Tiger. The eBook is packed with 25 fixes for common photo problems and 33 effects. Fixes include: how to correct lighting temperature (including fluorescent lighting), using iPhoto’s Retouch tool to remove dirt from scans/eliminate wrinkles/etc, filtering images for better tone and less noise in black and white conversions, correcting serious exposure problems, minimizing the harsh look of on-camera flash, removing stubborn redeye, reducing color artifacts, restoring old color prints, improving phone cam photos. Effects include: solarization, posterization, thermograms, negatives, silhouettes, toning black and white, monotoning, extreme sepia, newsphotos, selective blur, double exposures, image masks, soft focus, warping, mirror images, collages, and 8 vignette/ matte/border effects that use iPhoto 6’s new Effects dashboard. Serious Editing in iPhoto 6 is priced at US$24.95.