Radical Breeze releases RadRSS 3.1 for REALbasic: RSS, ATOM reading with
Photocast support.

EVERETT, Washington, USA (Feb 1st, 2006) — Radical Breeze has released
RadRSS 3.1, an update to the REALbasic component for reading RSS and ATOM
news feeds. Version 3.1 brings support for Photocasts and better support
for RSS feeds generated by Apple’s iWeb.

RadRSS is written in 100% pure REALbasic. No declares. No plug-ins.


RadRSS is an RSS and ATOM specific socket which does all the heavy lifting
of dealing with an RSS/ATOM feed for you. Simply supply a URL to a known
RSS/ATOM feed and RadRSS will supply you with easy to manage information on
the feed and all available RSS/ATOM Entries.

Notable Changes in 3.1 :
– New ReceivedNonXMLPage(content as string) event that fires when a page
that is not XML is received (HTML, etc).
– Support for .Mac Photocasts.
– Better support for RSS files generated with Apple’s iWeb.

RadRSS requires REALbasic 2005 R3 (or newer).

Pricing and Availability

A subscription to the Radical Breeze Developer Pack, for $30 USD, entitles
you to one year of free (starting the day of purchase) upgrades to all of
the components currently available, as well as free usage of all new
components we release during that time.