Andescotia LLC announces the release of the Marten 1.3 Graphical Software
Development Environment for Mac OS X

BOZEMAN, Montana – February 1, 2006 — Andescotia LLC
( is proud to announce the next release of the
Marten graphical software development environment (IDE), version 1.3, the
first native graphical programming environment for Mac OS X. With the
Marten IDE, developers diagram code instead of writing it, placing icons of
operations onto a canvas and then linking them together to define the
control flow of their software.

Other powerful features of the Marten IDE include the ability for users to
execute their code while editing it and to create an standalone application
with a single button push. When developers can run their code as they edit
it, they enjoy an entirely new and more productive software development
process than the old compile/link/debug steps. They can skip forward or
rollback to any point in an executing program with a click of the mouse and
change data at any moment.

Unexplained build failures and link errors disappear because a running
application is created the moment a developer starts a project. Syntax
errors are non-existent because developers manipulate the elements of the
language directly and the Marten IDE garbage collection eliminates
autorelease pools and other memory management concerns. A push of a button
turns the project application into a standalone executable. Should users
want to create applications with a smaller footprint they can export their
code and use GCC to build an executable directly from the Marten

In addition, users can create their own editors within the Marten
environment for any class object in their code. No need to write plug-ins
or dynamic libraries. The Marten IDE ships with two application class
frameworks along with their respective class object editors to allow
developers to quickly layout and create standalone applications. A third
class framework lets users to work with Cocoa and Objective-C routines
directly within the Marten environment. Marten also includes several
libraries that allows applications to use the MySQL, Postgres, and IOKit
APIs among others.

Marten 1.3 comes with the editor/interpreter application, documentation,
language extension libraries, three class application frameworks, and
example projects illustrating the use of the development environment.

New to this release:
Drag and drop to copy or move language elements such as classes, methods,
and code. Build C export executables inside the Marten IDE. Requirement for
Xcode or Codewarrior eliminated. Improved debugging information. Updated
application frameworks featuring new object editors. New example projects
and documentation. New libraries for MySQL, IOKit, and other APIs. Demo
application available for download.

Pricing and Availability
Marten 1.3 is available now for Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later versions and can
be purchased for the price of $68.00 USD at

About Andescotia
Andescotia LLC is a privately held company formed in 2003 and founded with
the goal of creating innovative development tools and productivity software.