DesignREM releases KeyPhantom USB Corporate. Worlds First Full Speed USB
Keystroke Recording Device or Keylogger

New Zealand – Feb 1, 2006 ( The
worlds first USB full-speed keylogger with 512Kb memory celebrates its
global launch this week. The KeyPhantom USB Corporate provides a real-time
recording ability for USB based keyboards.

Designed with journalists and authors in mind, the KeyPhantom USB Corporate
provides a complete real-time record of every keystroke typed on a USB
keyboard. It’s a quick, efficient and reliable method to ensure work is
copied and protected, even during a power or hardware failure. The
pioneering product is a world first, and has taken over 2 years to design
and build.

“Journalists, writers and employers are showing a particularly strong
interest in the KeyPhantom USB Corporate,” says Shane Tolmie, managing
director of DesignREM. “The ability to record the last three years of
typing in secure flash memory is proving to be an invaluable backup tool
for individuals and corporations alike.”

KeyPhantom USB Corporate has a number of functions within a workplace
environment. As well as providing a complete record of operations, it also
helps protect against corporate fraud by helping to create an audit trail.

Able to record 500,000 keystrokes and with up to 512Kb of flash memory, the
KeyPhantom USB Corporate is as small as a standard USB extension cable. All
USB data stored is encrypted with either 56-bit or 128-bit encryption,
depending on the configuration.

The KeyPhantom USB Corporate is compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0, and can be
used on any PC or Mac with a USB keyboard. It is compatible with any
operating system, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It is portable,
easy to use, and installs in seconds.

With two internal CPU’s totalling 90MIPS, each device has more processing
power than a device such as the iPod Nano. It is the worlds smallest USB
1.1 compatible recording device.

It is firmware upgradable, allowing for future expansion or language
changes. Using an appropriate firmware upgrade, the device can be
configured to record USB traffic from devices such as bar code, thumb print
or magnetic stripe readers. Its password encrypted entry menu protects the
data stored inside the device.

Other products offered by DesignREM include the KeyPhantom USB Home, a
real-time backup device designed for home users.

The KeyPhantom USB Corporate is as small as a USB cable but provides backup
storage of up to three years=92 worth of keystrokes. It is portable, easily
operated and can be used to transfer data or to provide a complete record
or work.

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