The Apple Specialist Marketing Co-op (ASMC) today announced results of an informal poll of Apple Specialist in response to Steve Jobs’ keynote this week at Macworld Expo in San Francisco. “We spoke with Apple Specialists from all over the country here in the Apple Specialist booth at Macworld Expo, and the results were pretty clear,” according to Kevin Langdon, Executive Director of the ASMC. “As a group, Apple Specialists are excited by the new products and we’re very pleased with Apple’s transition strategy.” The poll indicates that some Specialists are concerned that the new Intel-based Mac models might slow sales of previous models, while others were trying to get their hands on as many G5s they could find. “My early adopters can’t wait to get their hands on a new Intel based Mac,” said Richard Haddock from Haddock Computers in Wichita, Kansas, “but my corporate clients require the G4 and G5 models right now. It’s great to have them both available.”