Maxtor Corporation today announced that it will be shipping its Maxtor Shared Storage Plus solution with Mac OS X 10.4 support in February 2006. “The enhanced Maxtor Shared Storage Plus solution makes it easier than ever for Mac OS X users to connect, store, share, stream, print, and automatically back up computer files, digital photos, music and videos to one central location on a home or small office network” notes the company. Key features include: Bonjour support; up to 20 users can simultaneously access and protect their files using multiple Macs or PCs on a shared network; two USB ports to connect and share two USB printers or two additional external storage drives or one of each; and more. The Maxtor Shared Storage Plus is priced at US$299.95 for the 200GB drive, $399.95 for the 300GB drive, and $499.95 for the 500GB drive.