Ovolab previews Phlink 3 at Macworld Expo SF 2006.

San Francisco, CA (USA) – January 10, 2006 – Ovolab(R) today announced the
third major release of Phlink, its innovative and award-winning telephony
software for Mac OS X, that will ship in February 2006.

Phlink 3 introduces innovative new features, including call snooping,
support for Elgato’s EyeTV and greater control over Phlink’s functionality.

Call snooping

When call snooping is active, Phlink records all conversations that take
place on the phone line, regardless of whether Phlink has answered the
phone or not. This is an extremely useful new feature that allows users to
keep a record of all conversations for later playback. “You no longer need
to scribble down notes on a piece of paper,” says Alberto Ricci, Ovolab’s
CEO. “Just as you can keep a copy of all outgoing email, Phlink can record
all your calls.” Call snooping works with any call that takes place on the
phone line, including conference calls. Call recordings are stored as audio
files on the user’s Mac: they can be labeled, annotated, browsed and sorted
using Phlink, and they are even indexed for Spotlight searches.

EyeTV support

Users of Elgato’s popular software for digital video recording can now
schedule recordings remotely over the phone, by simply calling home and
typing a secret code on the telephone keypad. If you forgot to tell EyeTV
to record your favorite show, simply call Phlink and tell it to record it –
at the desired time, on the desired channel! “We are impressed with
Phlink’s flexibility,” said Dr. Markus Fest, President and founder of
Elgato Systems. “The seamless EyeTV integration adds another very
interesting option for remotely scheduling EyeTV recordings.”

Greater control

Also new in version 3.0 of Ovolab Phlink are an improved preferences window
which allows greater customization of the software, group calling features,
easier voice mailbox setup, and support for Intel-based Macs.

Macworld Expo attendees can preview version 3 of Phlink this week, by
visiting Ovolab at booth #407 in the Special Interest Pavilion.

Pricing and availability

Ovolab Phlink 3.0 will be released in the second half of February 2006, at
a suggested retail price of $149.95. Users of version 2 of Phlink will be
able to upgrade to version 3 for $39.95. As a special offer to Macworld
Expo visitors, Phlink is available for purchase on the show floor at the
discounted price of $139.90, which also includes a free upgrade to version

Ovolab Phlink is available from resellers and retail stores worldwide:
please visit the Ovolab web site at http://www.ovolab.com/phlink/ for more

About Ovolab Phlink

Ovolab Phlink turns your Mac into a powerful answering machine and
telephone information center. Widely used in the home, home office and in
businesses, it greets callers with personalized greetings, plays
caller-specific ringtones, forwards voicemail messages by email, and much
more. Ovolab Phlink gives a professional touch to your telephone line: it’s
the perfect choice for shops, home offices and small businesses, and allows
families to make their telephone part of their digital lifestyle.

About Ovolab

Founded in 2002, Ovolab is based in Torino, Italy. More than ten years of
experience in Mac software development to create the software that enhances
your creativity. Because creativity is the beginning of it all. For more
information visit www.ovolab.com.