GUBA Announces First RSS Newsfeed Capability for Usenet Videos and
QuickTime-Enabled Download

New Functionality Automatically Notifies Subscribers when Videos that Match
Users’ Interests are Posted to Usenet; Point and Click Downloads Are
Automatically Formatted for iPod and Seamlessly Transferred to iTunes and

San Francisco — January 6, 2006 — GUBA ( (Macworld Booth #
651), a pioneer in Internet-based multimedia search technology, today
announced immediate availability of a new feature that allows its
subscribers to track and discover terabytes of compelling new content on
Usenet, the world’s oldest and largest bulletin board service.

Specifically, the company announced the ability for GUBA subscribers to
receive RSS (Really Simple Syndication) newsfeeds, which summarize new
video content that has been posted to Usenet in virtual real-time.

This free enhancement to GUBA allows users to subscribe to RSS feeds with
keywords matching their particular interests — when new videos are posted
to Usenet matching these user-defined parameters, the user is instantly
notified via RSS with the ability to download the video directly into
iTunes. GUBA automatically uses the indexed keywords of the file’s
description to provide RSS feeds.

In addition, GUBA also announced that it has enabled and prominently
displayed QuickTime download links throughout its search, content and other
portions of its site, in testimony to GUBA’s strong support for the
high-quality and cross-platform support offered by the QuickTime media

GUBA is an enhanced service for searching, downloading, and viewing
terabytes of rich media content from ‘the dark web.’ The dark web includes
Usenet, an integral part of the Internet whose multimedia content is not
indexed by the major search engines such as Yahoo, Google or Microsoft.

“The ability to subscribe to RSS feeds using Firefox or your RSS-enabled
program of choice is a major win for our customers, who are trying to stay
informed regarding tens-of-thousands of new video files being indexed every
day on GUBA,” said Thomas McInerney, CEO of GUBA. “This ability to receive
a summary of targeted, unique video content direct to your desktop, as well
as having the ability to browse and discover unexpected new content, is a
huge part of the GUBA experience. This is just another way we are providing
the best possible value and innovation to our subscribers. The ability to
seamlessly add new video content directly to iTunes — already formatted
for iPod and with one click – is also a testimony to our constant R&D to
provide a unique, easy-to-use and compelling service to our customers.”

GUBA enables immediate access to terabytes of new and unique content from
Usenet – the world’s largest electronic bulletin board and the predecessor
network to the World Wide Web. Since 1979, Usenet has been one of the most
active parts of the online community, with millions of users and terabytes
of content that are part of more than 100,000 unique newsgroups – all
updated on a moment-by-moment basis.

Until now, Usenet has been burdensome to navigate because of its antiquated
and non-intuitive interface. In the past, users could not efficiently
browse multimedia content, preview content before downloading, or easily
search and view content posted in disparate file formats. With GUBA,
finding compelling video and image content is as simple as entering a
search term and clicking on a result, or simply browsing Usenet through the
enhanced GUBA interface.

Typical Usenet providers, such as ISPs and Universities, require special
client software, but GUBA offers an easy-to-use Web interface combined with
proprietary backend technology developed over seven years to deliver
multimedia-optimized search for 300,000 newly indexed images and videos per
day – the equivalent of three files per second. As a copyright-friendly
service, GUBA does not index feature-length films or MP3s and is fully DMCA
(Digital Millennium Copyright Act) compliant.

About GUBA
GUBA provides access to one of the Web’s fastest growing libraries of new
digital content — Usenet. GUBA helps users search terabytes of constantly
updated images and videos using GUBA’s multimedia tools and filters.
Founded in 1998, GUBA has tens-of-thousands of paid subscribers.