Merlin presents 1.3.8

Melle, Germany — January 04, 2006 — ProjectWizards the makers of Merlin,
one of the leading project management applications for Mac OS X today
announced their new version of Merlin 1.3.8, which will be presented at the
Macworld Expo in San Francisco. In addition to this a new Template Pack for
Merlin will also be presented. This allows customers working in specific
lines of businesses to access a predefined project template, creating
projects quicker and easily.

With Merlin 1.3.8, ProjectWizards have added yet another feature that aids
the project team to communicate with each other with great ease. The
integration to iLink’s Direct enables team members to dial telephone
numbers straight out of Merlin’s resource list. All that is needed is an
attached Bluetooth capable cell phone or any other phone supported by
Direct, highlight your resource and push the button. More information to
Merlin 1.3.8 can be obtained from the ProjectWizards website

Merlin’s Template Pack allows the project manager to choose a template best
suited for his line of business. This specific template contains a list of
project activities and phases, which are often used in that business line.
All the project manager needs to do is enter the project dates and add his
resources. He has now created his basic project outline. All defined
project activities, phases and other details can be modified to fine tune
the project further to the specific requirements. Creating high quality
projects has never been easier. The Template Pack can be downloaded under for free.

“This extremely useful package will help the architect, the web developer
or the engineer create the basic outline of his project within seconds”
said Frank Blome, ProjectWizards MD. “Project planning can get extremely
complicated, Merlin makes life easier for the project manager by offering a
template suited to his needs.”

Merlin 1.3.8 will be presented at the Macworld Expo at the
ProjectWizards/NovaMind booth 2432. Throughout the Macworld Expo,
ProjectWizards will be presenting Merlin as it has developed into the
leading business solution, the powerful integration with NovaMind and
previewing new features. Merlin will be offered at a special price during
the Macworld Expo.

Merlin is the ultimate tool for project management developed exclusively
for Mac OS X. A powerful and feature rich tool, Merlin allows you to
effortlessly plan a wide variety of projects. Explore and surprise yourself
with Merlin’s range of features, that were developed, by project managers
for project managers. Whether you are a professional project manager or a
newcomer to project planning, with Merlin you will be creating perfect
projects with ease in no time. Additional information can be obtained from
the website (