Fujitsu Agreement Provides High Performance, Low Cost Solution for Apple Space

CHIPPEWA VALLEY, WI, January 3, 2006-Small Tree Communications, the leading
provider of unique, state-of-the-art enterprise networking solutions for
Mac OS X, has reached an OEM agreement with Fujitsu for its 10GbE CX-4
switches, enabling Small Tree to offer the first complete 10GbE CX-4 bundle
solution in the Apple market space. The end-to-end integrated solution
provided by Small Tree includes a 12 port Fujitsu switch, Intel 10GbE CX-4
Network Interface Cards, Small Tree 10GbE drivers and BlazeFS file sharing
system software.

“Fujitsu has an excellent reputation for providing products with high
performance at attractive price points that are backed by exceptionally
reliable engineering,” stated Corky Seeber, president of Small Tree
Communications. “This agreement will enable Apple customers to meet their
increasing networking needs at a lower relative cost.”

As the demand for greater network bandwidth continues to grow, 10GbE CX-4
promises to be an attractive solution for businesses big and small. Whereas
Fibre Channel cards provide 2Gb or 4Gb capability, Small Tree’s bundle
solution provides 10Gb performance capability, streamlining workflow and
helping users meet stringent deadlines efficiently and effectively.

“Customers appreciate reliable technology capable of handling complex
applications, and together with Small Tree Communications, those customers
can deploy 10Gb Ethernet as a high performance, scalable technology to
interconnect servers and storage systems,” said Lorne Wilson, senior vice
president, sales and marketing, Fujitsu Computer Products of America.

About Small Tree Communication
Small Tree Communications is dedicated to providing unique leading edge
enterprise networking solutions to the Mac. With world-class high
performance computing experience from its team of networking and kernel
developers, Small Tree brings new technology peripheral products to meet
the demanding application requirements of Mac Customers. Small Tree
provides leading edge InfiniBand solutions and offers copper and
optic-based multi-port gigabit Ethernet cards and 10Gb Ethernet adapters
for the Mac.

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