–Powerful application provides a complete solution for protecting your
privacy– LLC. today announced the immediate availability of
CipherWorks 4.0. CipherWorks is a utility that lets Mac users protect their
data from unauthorized access. Built for OS X, this easy-to-use program
allows users to encrypt and decrypt files, as well as password protect your
hard disks, memory cards and other types of storage.

Based on SubRosaSoft CipherDisk and FileUtilities, CipherWorks 4.0 protects
your data at two levels. You can use CipherWorks to protect and hide your
hard disks, portable drives, memory cards, and other types of storage. You
can also use CipherWorks to apply strong encryption to files and folders.
CipherWorks allows you to permanently erase a file, a folder, the free
space of a volume, or a complete drive in a secure manner, making it
impossible for anyone to retrieve previously deleted files and folders.

The only driver level encryption package for Mac OS X, CipherWorks provides
the security without the hassle and inconvenience of the “disk image” based
encryption applications. Unlike disk image based encryption, CipherDisk
encrypts every byte of data on the volume, so the whole volume is secured.
Without your password, nobody can access your disk no matter what tools
they use.

CipherWorks supports File and Folder encryption as well. We live in a time
where valid concerns are being raised regarding the privacy of your
electronic data. Whether you are sending files to your coworkers, or
storing files and folders on a network server, using CipherWorks protects
your files from prying eyes. CipherWorks uses AES, or Advanced Encryption
Standard, which is extremely well-known within the cryptographic industry
and is considered very secure.

As the ultimate solution in complete privacy protection, CipherWorks also
features a shredding routine. There are numerous reports on companies
reallocating computers without removing sensitive company information, or
donating computers with personal information intact, that is an invitation
to identity theft. With powerful data recovery software and hardware
available nowadays, the shredding process is particularly important if you
want your data to be permanently removed.

Most users of the previous versions of CipherDisk and FileUtilities found
the software extremely intuitive. CipherWorks incorporates both programs
into a single one with a user interface that is straightforward to use.
CipherWorks’s easy-to-use interface is designed for all OS X users. The
encrypt, decrypt, or shredding operations can be completed with a few

CipherWorks includes powerful features that give users excellent
flexibility and control in protecting their data:
* Transparent strong encryption for Mac OS X
* Encrypt and decrypt files and folders
* Password protecting your hard disks, memory cards, and other types of storage
* Free space eraser permanently erases the free space on your volume in a
secure fashion.
* Disk shredder sanitizes drives securely.
* Secure erase devices, volumes, folders, and files.
* Free application for decrypting files and folders encrypted with CipherWorks.
* Easy-to-use interface simplifies encryption operations.

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements
SubRosaSoft CipherWorks is now available at the manufacturer’s suggested
retail price (MSRP) of $89.95 plus shipping for the CD version or $79.95
for download only.

Downloadable immediately, with hard copies available for delivery January
3rd, 2006

Replaces SubRosaSoft FileUtilities version 2.0 and above, and CipherDisk —
complimentary upgrade

SubRosaSoft CipherWorks requires Mac OS X 10.3 or above.

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