Proven BRU technology now combined with the look, feel, and workflow
familiar to Macintosh users

* Totally new human interface defined by the Macintosh community
* Simplified method for backing-up client/server computing environments
* Live database backup for Windows client systems
* Able to recover from read errors during a restore when other tools abort

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — December 15, 2005 — TOLIS Group, Inc., developer of
the ultra-reliable BRU brand of data protection solutions, today announces
BRU Server 1.2 for Mac OS X, whose human interface was influenced by the
input of hundreds of experienced Macintosh users worldwide.

“Prior to developing this third version release of BRU Server for Mac OS X
environments, we asked a lot of questions – listened carefully – and
incorporated the feedback into the resulting BRU Server 1.2 solution,” said
Tim Jones, president/CTO of TOLIS Group. “We have effectively morphed BRU
Server 1.2 from our UNIX heritage into a Macintosh visual and operational
experience, continuing to provide the ultimate in data backup and restore

To support the backup of live databases such as running on Windows client
systems, FAM (File Access Manager) technology from VisionWorks Solutions
has been incorporated into v1.2. The profile of FAM fits perfectly within
the BRU Server environment by delivering ease-of-use, high reliability, low
overhead, and cost-effectiveness. TOLIS Group will provide FAM technical

“VisionWorks is pleased to announce our FAM distribution partnership with
TOLIS Group. FAM provides BRU Server 1.2 access to files such as Outlook
and SQL while they are in use, making BRU Server 1.2 even more powerful,”
said Ben Puzzuoli, vice president of sales and marketing for VisionWorks
Solutions, Inc. “FAM runs silently in the background to ensure business
continuity while allowing BRU Server to backup locked or protected files
without interruption.”

BRU Server 1.2 delivers full native backup and restore compatibility with
Apple’s Xsan, ADIC’s StorNet, and other distributed filesystems; providing
both backup of all attributes and when used as a disk stage. When writing
to the disk stage (D2D), no special tape emulation layer is required.

English and French versions are available, and German, Japanese, Spanish,
and Italian versions will follow. All registered BRU Server 1.0 and 1.1
for Mac OS X users will be upgraded to BRU Server 1.2 for Mac OS X at no
charge. BRU Server for Mac OS X pricing remains unchanged, and a free
30-day full functionality demo is available at

BRU Server 1.2 console platform support of Linux and other UNIX platforms,
including Solaris will soon be available.


TOLIS’ mission is the provision of leading-edge UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X
data protection products, to end-users and OEMs, that are effective,
reliable, and of excellent value. Our servicemark of “Software You Can
Trust” guides every aspect of business: from concept-to-delivery.

The majority of TOLIS’ products are based on its BRU backup engine; an
elegant 280kb software kernel that continues to deliver unsurpassed backup
reliability and data recoverability since 1985. Numerous product
excellence awards have recognized BRU technology.

TOLIS also administers the Linux Tape Device Certification Program

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TOLIS is an acronym representing: Talented Organization Leveraging
Intelligent Solutions