HandStands Announces the iSnug Nano Armband

Draper, Utah-December 13, 2005-HandStands is pleased to announce the new
iSnug Nano Armband, the latest armband specifically designed for Apple’s
new iPod Nano.

“Featuring a beautiful leather glove that wraps around a lightweight velcro
closure, the iSnug Nano Armband is the perfect compliment to the [iPod]
nano,” says Jade Hansen, of HandStands’ product development team.

The new armband was created for iPod nano owners seeking the ultimate in
protection while exercising. Available in black for $19.99, the iSnug Nano
Armband can be purchased from the company’s web site or from select


Since its introduction last year, the original iSnug travel case has
received rave reviews from top iPod accessory reviewers. iPodLounge rated
the iSnug an A- and highly recommends the product, “we think the iPak’s
[iSnug] a highly recommendable travel case and an excellent value for the

HandStands has continued to innovate and offer unique iPod accessories to
the market. In addition to the iSnug Set, HandStands now offers an iSnug
Armband for an active lifestyle. Another product, known as the iSticky Pad,
allows the iPod to be held securely to any car dash without slipping and


Established in 1983, HandStands was one of the first companies to sell
mouse pads. Now diversified, HandStands consists of two divisions; a retail
and a promotional division. The company now offers a wide range of
products, from computer accessories, to sporting and automotive accessories.