SERVICE USB Plus Drives Real World Device Control with Runtime Revolution


December 9, 2005. Dortmund, Germany. Boenig & Kallenbach, the leader in
real time interfaces for Apple Macintosh computers, announces its new USB
interface “SERVICE USB plus” control device, enabling measurement and
control of real-world devices directly from Runtime Revolution under Mac OS

SERVICE USB plus is a proven, robust control technology in professional
implementations for industry, tradeshows and entertainment. With this
release, it can be used, for example, to drive special effects such as
flashes or fog machines at concerts and tradeshows, directly from within
Runtime Revolution applications.

SERVICE USB plus is not limited to simple switching. Other examples include
complex, scientific measurement value logging with temperature, liquid,
pressure or light sensors as well as remote control of slide projectors,
relays, step motors, switches or push buttons. By combining multiple
SERVICE USB interfaces, up to 128 input and output channels can be handled
by a single Apple Macintosh computer.

This release allows developers to control SERVICE USB plus using Runtime
Revolution’s Revolution family of application and multimedia design tools.
SERVICE USB ships with a complete SDK including drivers, sample
applications and documentation.

“Runtime Revolution is the perfect platform for fast and easy software
development. Their acknowledged professional approach and the stability of
their software will guarantee quality and short development times for
application programs,” said Martin Kallenbach, founder and president of
Boenig & Kallenbach oHG.

For connecting external devices, SERVICE USB offers eight digital input,
eight digital output and two analog input lines. The state of connections
is displayed on 26 LEDs providing a visual control during operation.
SERVICE USB ships in a compact and robust aluminum case including 21 cable
clamps for connecting control lines, a 25-pole standard connector
replicating all signals and an RS232 interface for controlling additional

“Boenig & Kallenbach make exceptional, real world control products that
allow real time digital entertainment and scientific analysis teams to
rapidly assemble and deploy solutions. Teams that require real time
solutions but don’t want or have time to learn complicated programming
languages in the process will greatly benefit from SERVICE USB plus and
Runtime Revolution,” said Kevin Miller, CEO of Runtime Revolution, Ltd.

Boenig & Kallenbach also develop the software for fischertechnik model
construction kits. These construction kits are made for beginners who want
to learn how robots work and have fun at the same time! With fischertechnik
model construction kits beginners can see, feel, touch and play with real
working machines and robots.

SERVICE USB products start at under $300, while fischertechnik model sets
begin at approximately $100, based on exchange rates. For further
information, please visit For more
information on rapid application development with Runtime Revolution,
please visit

About Boenig & Kallenbach
Founded in 1985, Dortmund, Germany based Boenig & Kallenbach, specialize in
development of real time software and hardware solutions. The company
provides solutions to the scientific research, tradeshow and industrial
design markets, medical measurement instrumentation, including prototyping
and complete production. Its customers can be found in Europe, Asia and
North America.

About Runtime Revolution

Founded in 1997, Runtime Revolution focuses on bringing user-centric
software development to all major platforms: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and
Unix. The company is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. For more information on
Runtime Revolution, please visit the company on the web at or