Inside Mac Media today announced expanded daily video iTunes content and the launch of Inside Mac TV, delivered in conjunction with Adobe and DVDxDV. Inside Mac TV will enhance the popular Inside Mac Radio programs by offering a range of visual tidbits, tips, guests, interviews, product information and live event coverage in short three to five minute video segments formatted especially for the new 5th generation video iPods. Russell Brown, Senior Creative Director of Adobe Systems said, “Scott Sheppard’s new Inside Mac TV is as great as his radio show, but in 3D! Put this video podcast at the top of your list for great Macintosh news and information. The interviews and content stand out above the rest.” The first set of daily videos will feature a series of How-to tips on video production and optimizing video for the iPod. Viewers will be able to see the best way to setup lighting, compression settings, and gear for iSights through high-end HD video cameras.