Offenburg, Germany – November 30th, 2005 – E.R.S “Pleasant software for the
people” announces the upcoming podcast production suite =DCbercaster.

=DCbercaster is a complete production suite for podcasting on the Macintosh.
Garageband is for musicians, =DCbercaster for podcasters. Producing a show o=
a Mac can be as easy as everything else. Say goodbye to the laborious
combination of programs. =DCbercaster let podcasters prepare, record, cut an=
release their shows the way they’d expect it.

With its podcasting specific features and its =FCber appealing design
=DCbercaster defines a new standard for integrated podcast production.

=DCbercaster will be available early 2006 and requires a G4 Mac with Mac OS =
10.4 or better.

=46or more information and first screenshots of =DCbercaster visit

Specific news about the state of development are available on the
=DCbercaster blog at

E.R.S “Pleasant software for the people” has been developing and selling
high quality software products for the Macintosh since 1989. Its last
product ShowMacster ( revolutionizes the way of
video conferencing by seamlessly extending Apples iChat application.

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