Q-Phrase Releases “ConceptQ” Personal Research & Discovery Software for Mac

Vienna, VA — November 29, 2005 — Q-Phrase LLC today released
ConceptQ, a personal research and discovery tool that automatically
identifies main topics of interest in electronic documents — including
online web pages — and allows a user to gain an understanding of the
content in minutes without spending the time it would take to read through
each and every page.

“With search now the second most popular function on the web, we also
wanted to make sure ConceptQ was designed to work with Google and other
popular search engines out of the box,” said Andy Miller, President of
Q-Phrase. “Even though these sites do a great job at serving up results,
users can still become frustrated clicking through links when using the web
for research and discovery purposes. ConceptQ allows them to quickly merge
the content behind each of these links into one compiled and structured
source of information.”

ConceptQ distills the text from one or more documents, including HTML, PDF,
Word and RTF files into an indexed format where a user can explore
significant keywords and phrases, review sources referenced by each topic,
zero in on topics of interest, and generate citation-based reports that can
be used to study these topics in-depth.

A fully functional 14-day trial of ConceptQ is available at
http://www.q-phrase.com and requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later (Mac OS X 10.4
is recommended). A single user license of ConceptQ is available for $39.95
and academic discounts are offered.

A professional edition with expanded capabilities, ConceptQ Pro, is also
available for power users and includes the ability to crawl a web site for
content, compare and contrast saved indexes, flag important information and
export reports directly to HTML or RTF.


Q-Phrase is a privately held software firm located in Vienna, Virginia.
Q-Phrase is dedicated to the development and commercialization of next
generation search technologies focused on personal, Internet, enterprise
and biometric applications.