TVMyPod Introduces Pre-loaded Video iPods

SOMERVILLE, Mass., Nov. 21, 2005 — One of the first things users noticed
about the new video iPod was that it takes a long time to convert videos to
iPod format – up to two minutes per minute of video. Recognizing that few
people have that kind of time to burn, two Massachusetts entrepreneurs have
formed TVMyPod (, where consumers can buy brand-new
iPods pre-loaded with the DVDs of their choice.

With nearly 100 television shows from ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and HBO and over
100 movies, sports events and concerts to choose from, TVMyPod offers
something for everyone. Can’t find the DVDs you want? No problem – TVMyPod
will locate what you want and customize your order.

Here’s how it works: Customers purchase the iPod and the DVDs of their
choice; TVMyPod then converts the DVDs to iPod format and loads them onto
the iPod at no extra charge. The customer receives the loaded iPod in its
original packaging, along with each of the DVDs he or she purchased.

The launch of TVMyPod is especially timely: With the holidays just around
the corner, the company offers an easy way to give loved ones video iPods
without giving them the headache of loading their favorite television shows
and movies onto the apparatus themselves. And TVMyPod is the first company
to load video onto customers’ iPods legally.

“The tedious and time-consuming process of converting and loading their own
DVDs will discourage many people from getting the most out of the new iPod
video functionality, thereby not allowing the consumer to utilize this
marvel of engineering to its fullest potential,” stated Vijay Raghavan,
TVMyPod co-founder. “At TVMyPod we hope to fill this void for our customers
and allow them to watch their favorite TV shows or movies whenever and
wherever they want.”

Help is just around the corner for those who have already purchased iPods,
too. In the future, TVMyPod plans to offer the service of loading existing
iPods with DVD collections; the company may also offer a subscription
service to allow customers to have their iPods periodically re-loaded with
new DVDs.

Although the TVMyPod Web site is still being updated for graphic appeal,
navigation is simple and the site is user-friendly overall. Raghavan and
co-founder David Onigman take pride in the value of their products and in
their company’s commitment to customer service – two things that won’t
change, they said, as TVMyPod grows.

For more information or to order a video iPod pre-loaded with DVDs, visit
TVMyPod at