November 21, 2005 – Easy Barcode Creator 2.0 is now available, a major
upgrade to the fast, easy-to-use barcode software for Windows PCs and Mac
OS X. We’ve added new features like 13-digit ISBN barcode creation and
Adobe Bridge integration, keeping Easy Barcode Creator on the cutting edge
of barcode and business technology. While we’ve added lots of new tools,
Easy Barcode Creator is just as easy to use as ever.

Easy Barcode Creator 2.0 offers these major new features:

– 13-Digit ISBN Support: complete support for ISBN barcodes that support
upcoming standards for ISBNs with 13 digits, including new 979 prefixes
and 10-digit compatible 978 barcodes.

– ISBN Price Assistant: automatically add price barcode additions with
standard worldwide currencies

– Printing: Print out your barcodes directly from Easy Barcode Creator

– QuickSave: save your finished barcodes in a flash by simply holding
down the option/alt key and pressing the save button; the barcode will
be automatically named based on the value and saved to your desktop,
without having to navigate through a save dialog

– Save Last State: Easy Barcode Creator saves your last barcode setup on
quit, so you don’t have to fiddle with the various settings to make
similar barcodes next time.

– POSTNET Barcode Creator: create POSTNET barcodes for United States
Postal Service envelopes and packages

– Factor Zoom: set the size of your barcode by percentage

– ISBN Check Digit Verifier: make sure your 10 or 13-digit International
Standard Book Number has a proper check digit before making a barcode

– TIFF image enhancement: you can now set your TIFF barcode export to a
higher resolution — chose between 300, 600, and 1200 dpi

Mac OS X specific features:

– Save As PDF (File Menu): create your barcode in PDF format with
embedded fonts and artwork

– Spotlight integration: search for vector EPS barcodes by symbology name
or value using Spotlight in Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger”

– Preview.app Instant Transfer: send your barcodes directly to Mac OS X’s
Preview program with just one click.

– Adobe Bridge CS2 / Photoshop File Browser Metadata: catalog and search
for saved barcode images from within Adobe applications, with tags for
barcode value, symbology, creation information, and thumbnails

– Embedded Thumbnails: allows Adobe Bridge, Photoshop, and other programs
to display a visual thumbnail of your barcodes without having to read
the vector EPS data directly.

Windows specific features:

– Transfer to TIFF Editor: send your barcode images directly to your
system’s specified TIFF editor (Picture Viewer, Photoshop, etc.)

– Corel Draw enhancements: TIFF images are now optimized for faster
performance when using Corel Draw.


Easy Barcode Creator 2.0 is now available for instant digital delivery for
$128.00. Owners of previous versions can upgrade for $39.00. Free technical
support is included.

Home Page: http://www.easybarcodetech.com/ebc.html

Direct Downloads:

Mac OS X: http://www.easybarcodetech.com/downloads/ebc.dmg

Windows: http://www.easybarcodetech.com/downloads/ebc.exe

About Easy Barcode Technologies
Founded in 2003, Easy Barcode Technology provides easy-to-use barcoding
software and hardware for Windows-based PCs and Macs. The company’s
flagship product, Easy Barcode Creator, makes barcode creation simple for
beginners and experts alike. The software creates vector EPS graphic files
that can be used with any desktop publishing program, printed, then scanned
with any barcode scanner. The company also offers Easy Barcode Reader
series plug-and-play USB barcode scanners.