Friday, November 11, 2005

Just a little over four months ago, YENCO.COM started erecting a brand new
framework to support our next generation of products. We are very happy to
announce today that Framework 1.0 is done. With framework complete, we can
now move on to our final development phase to build application-specific
features on top of it and release some really great shareware products. In
fact, we already have…

Today YENCO.COM released a brand new application. Magic Dice is a fun game
that started life as a testing ground for how various components in
Framework would communicate with application-specific code in our new
products, but it turned out so well that we decided to polish it up a bit
and release it to the public. So please check it out. We hope you enjoy it
and we look forward to your support and feedback.

Magic Dice is a 5 of a kind game for 1 of a kind fun! It is based on a
popular dice game which conists of thirteen rounds, at the end of which the
player with the higest score is the winner.

Magic Dice is a shareware application. You can try it 15 times for free to
decide if you like it before you buy it.

Magic Dice requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later (10.4 or later required for
network game feature).

For more information please visit:


Magic Dice 1.0.0 (Build 22)

Direct Download URL(s): (2.06 MB)

Shareware ($10.00)