MacTech News Readers,

Every once in a while, we come across fun stuff on the web — sometimes
cool, sometimes nostalgic. We just came across one such item on eBay — a
really rare, very cool, leather jacket … just for Mac gamers.

Aside from being one of the nicest leather jackets that we’ve ever seen,
it’s got this really cool embroidery on the back.

Here’s the history. Back in 1996, the Apple Game Sprockets team made a set
of incredibly cool leather jackets to promote the Mac as a “Serious Game
Hardware” machine. These jackets (which cost on the order of $500 for the
basic jacket alone *without* the design) were embroidered with a special
and fairly complex design on the back. The logo includes a special
camouflage Apple logo, target and game weaponry.

ONLY 20 of these jackets were ever made — and are therefore, extremely
rare. MacTech was given a few of these jackets at the time (all of which
are long gone at this point as we gave them as gifts or to readers), so
we’ve had a first hand look at them.

In any event, one of these jackets is now on auction on eBay. If you are
interested, or just want to check out a piece of nostalgia, check it out at:


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