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Adds complete “DIY” upgrade kits to its popular line of Apple PowerBook G3
based upgrades.

Atlanta, Georgia – November, 6, 2005: Daystar Technology, an Apple Value
Added Reseller and Macintosh Solutions Integrator, today announced the
expansion of its XLR8 MAChSpeed G4 Lombard product offering. This new
offering allows owners of the PowerBook G3 Series (Bronze Keyboard) USB –
M5343, often referred to as the “Lombard”, to upgrade onsite.

Previously limited to “system based upgrades”, where the user had to send
their PowerBook to Daystar for installation, the company now offers
complete upgrade kits. The kits allow Apple Techs or technical endusers to
install the XLR8 MAChSpeed G4 Lombard, without having to send their unit to
Daystar .

Zero Downtime.

The new product offering allows customers to upgrade in a few minutes,
without any substantial downtime. No need to send their systems out, no
need to ship their existing card out.

“Our G4 upgrade transforms the Lombard into an excellent OSX performer,”
said Gary Dailey, president of Daystar. “The addition of our zero-downtime
kits, delivers a simple and fast worldwide solution for extending the life
of the user’s current PowerBook.”

The XLR8 433 MAChSpeed G4 Lombard Upgrade Kit.

The kit includes all components and tools needed for completing the upgrade

+ XLR8 Upgraded 450 G4 CPU Card with 250 MHz Cache
+ XLR8 MAChSpeed Control CPU Software.
+ Daystar Modified High-Performance Metal Heat Sink.
+ Flat-Head and Philips Screwdrivers.
+ Arctic Silver Premium Thermal Compound.
+ Instruction / Installation Sheet.
+ Daystar $55 Rebate Form
+ Free Telephone Installation Information

Customer rebate for sending old components to Daystar

The kit includes a rebate, form which allows customers to send the old CPU,
EMI Shield and Heat Sink back to Daystar. In return, Daystar sends them a
rebate check for $55 US.

The Total Cost of the Upgrade, Before the Rebate is $ 299 (Users can take
advantage of the $55 rebate after upgrading… a net cost of $244).

About Daystar and XLR8 Brand Products

Daystar Technology is a Macintosh Solutions Provider. The company
specializes in developing custom solutions, and integrating leading
performance technologies for consumers, enterprise and
graphics professionals. Daystar operates as an Apple Authorized Reseller
and Service center, and maintains a staff of Apple Certified Technicians.
Daystar is also the designer and manufacturer of XLR8 brand products. With
its history as the creator of the original Mac upgrade, the company
continues to deliver the best of the best for the Apple based computing

Daystar currently distributes/resells Apple, XLR8, My InternetPC, Giga
Design and a variety of leading brand products via its store front and web
store at Daystar offers a wide array of
Apple performance products. It also sells and services Apple products via
its store-front in Buford, Georgia.

Additional information on Daystar Technology, My InternetPC and XLR8 can be
found via the Daystar website at: ( and