UML 2 Features Inspire Fresh Release of Poseidon for UML

New release of Poseidon for UML provides superior support for UML 2
sequence diagrams.

Hamburg, Germany, November 1, 2005 ? German software producer Gentleware AG
has made an outstanding user experience the focus of the solid new features
of the newest release, version 3.2, of Poseidon for UML. Client input into
the new functionality, including UML 2.0-compliant sequence diagrams,
customizable documentation generation for Word 2003, and autolayout for
class diagrams, has resulted in a superior product that increases
productivity and exceeds the demands of the expanding market for Unified
Modeling Language (UML) tools. These carefully constructed enhancements can
be evaluated free of charge for 30 days or purchased at the Gentleware web
site ( Among other products, commercial users may
choose the Standard Edition for USD 249 or the Eclipse-integrated
Professional Edition for USD 875. Gentleware also offers convenient and
economical concurrent user license packages for multi-user environments.

The new version takes another giant step past competitor?s tools and proves
yet again that Poseidon for UML belongs at the top of the field. The new
sequence diagrams incorporate not only new UML 2.0 notations such as
combined fragments to render loops, switch statements, etc., but also
?inspections? that offer on-the-fly modeling critiques and advice to
further boost development quality and speed. Class diagrams in the
Professional Edition are quickly and efficiently organized and made more
readable through an integrated autolayout function, which is especially
useful during the reverse and roundtrip engineering processes. Once the
model is ready to be shared, users now have the option of automatically
generating custom documents into HTML in the familiar UMLdoc format (based
on the JavaDoc format) or into Word 2003.

?Gentleware has taken the approach of carefully studying the problem, then
implementing the best solution possible, holding the needs of the users in
the forefront,? relates Dr. Marko Boger, CEO of Gentleware AG. ?The result
is a tool that is a direct response to consumer demands.? This tack makes
for a better user experience; each diagram type is worked on individually
to make the best choices for that particular diagram, rather than to create
a generic function and then derive sub-optimal variations of it to fit to
the diagrams. The resulting product is the embodiment of the elegant
transition to UML 2.0, continuing the Gentleware tradition of excellence.

About Gentleware

Gentleware AG was founded in 2000 in Hamburg, Germany, and develops tools
for software modeling based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML). It is
led by the founder and Board of Directors member Dr. Marko Boger, who
previously was the long-term driving strength behind the open source
project ArgoUML. The product line “Poseidon for UML” is the leader in UML
tools, with over 1,200,000 downloads worldwide. In addition to the free
Community Edition available on the Gentleware webpage (,
various commercial editions with an abundance of the most up-to-date
functionalities are available for the professional use of UML. Poseidon for
UML is characterized in particular by its high degree of usability and its
conformity to international standards. Gentleware has the know-how in
pointing the way in training and consulting as well as with the development
of customized tools.