ActiveState Ships Komodo 3.5 With Full Ruby Support For Mac OS X First
Professional Ruby IDE for Developers

Vancouver, BC, – November 3, 2005 — ActiveState, a leading provider of
developer tools for dynamic languages, today released Komodo 3.5, the first
professional integrated development environment (IDE) with full support for
the Ruby programming language. ActiveState Komodo 3.5 offers developers an
advanced workspace for programming in multiple languages, including Perl,
Python, PHP, Tcl, and now Ruby. The launch also marks ActiveState’s first
Komodo release on the Mac OS X platform. Komodo 3.5 delivers Ruby features
such as Ruby on Rails debugging, Mac OS X support, and multilingual input
method editor (IME) support for non-Western languages.

“Until now, Ruby developers haven’t had a professional IDE for writing and
debugging their Ruby code,” says Eric Promislow, ActiveState’s Ruby Team
Lead. “Adding Ruby to Komodo’s list of must-have supported languages has
been exciting during Ruby’s recent growth and popularity. Ruby is an
amazing language for building mainstream Web applications quickly with less
code. I look forward to working with the community and helping Ruby
continue to grow.”

Unique Ruby programming features in ActiveState Komodo allow programmers to
easily code, debug, and test Ruby programs fast. Komodo is the first
professional IDE to offer Code Intelligence capabilities like AutoComplete
and CallTips providing advanced as-you-type Ruby syntax checking. Komodo’s
Ruby code colorizing, folding, automatic end statements, and smart
indenting keep Ruby programmers of all abilities on track for writing
bug-free programs the first time. In addition, Komodo gives Ruby developers
a fully integrated graphical debugger for testing Ruby programs with ease.
Komodo’s Ruby graphical debugger lets programmers visually set breakpoints,
check functions, and edit classes.

In an industry first, ActiveState Komodo 3.5 makes it possible to debug
Ruby on Rails (RoR) applications in a professional IDE. Ruby on Rails is
the full-stack open source Web framework developed in Ruby. The RoR
framework is getting noticed as an alternative to existing enterprise
frameworks because it provides an easy path to application development.
With RoR, Web developers are able to write applications faster with less

Adding Mac OS X support to Komodo 3.5 is an anticipated move for many
multi-language developers. ActiveState recognizes that many businesses and
programmers write code in many languages across multiple operating systems.
Komodo 3.5 is a native port of our award-winning IDE to Mac OS X, Apple’s
increasingly popular developer platform. Komodo 3.5 runs on 10.4 Tiger and
10.3 Panther, delivering needed features to a programmer community starved
of professional tools for dynamic languages.

“I am a Mac addict and on Mac OS X I code with Komodo,” says Irakli
Nadareishvili, Senior Software Architect, Picktek. “Some major things I
love are the very friendly clean integrated UI, the very compact and usable
project navigation bar, ability to see code structure, support for CVS and
Subversion, and I was able to create a macro five minutes after I installed
Komodo. I am very, very delighted with the capabilities of Komodo. I
honestly believe it is the best IDE for scripting languages. I am very

Komodo 3.5 features new multilingual input method editor (IME) support for
using a standard Western keyboard to enter international languages, such as
French, German, Spanish, and Asian characters. Programmers building
applications for an international audience can now use Komodo to enter
localized code comments, error messages, and strings.

Pricing & Availability

Free trials of Komodo 3.5 for Mac OS X are available online at Komodo Professional costs $295, and Komodo
Personal is $29.95. Existing Komodo 3.x customers qualify for free Komodo
for Mac OS X licenses. Upgrade pricing for prior releases is $99.95 and
$19.95, respectively. Komodo is offered at zero cost for classrooms and
teachers through the ActiveState Education License Program Komodo 3.5 is shipping now on Mac OS X, and
will be available later this year on Linux, Solaris, and Windows.

About ActiveState

ActiveState is the leading provider of tools and services for dynamic
languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl. Over two million
developers rely on ActiveState’s cross-platform professional development
tools, high-quality language distributions, and enterprise services.
ActiveState Komodo, the professional IDE for dynamic languages, gives
developers a powerful workspace for editing, debugging, and testing
programs. Komodo supports Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl. Now available
on Mac OS X.