Latest Version 10.4 Offers New Features and Improved Performance

London, October 27, 2005 – Intego, the Macintosh security specialist, today
announced the latest version of its flagship product, NetBarrier. Intego
NetBarrier X4, optimized for Tiger, is a personal firewall, antivandal and
Internet filter for Mac OS X. NetBarrier X4 version 10.4 incorporates
numerous features designed to increase performance while continuing to
provide a user-friendly, ergonomic interface suited to both beginners and
experts alike.

“Intego NetBarrier X4 includes many new features that our customers will be
happy to discover and use,” said Laurent Marteau, CEO of Intego. “This will
continue to assure our leadership, maintaining NetBarrier’s acclaim as the
best personal firewall for the Mac. We are particularly pleased to release
and ship NetBarrier X4 version 10.4 at the upcoming Macworld Expo in San
=46rancisco in January 2006.”

In addition to an updated user interface, the following features have been
added or improved in Intego NetBarrier X4:

* Rules and Services are optimized before being sent to the Kernel
* Rules can be disabled directly from the list
* UDP services can bedefined for source or destination port
* Rules, Services, Networks, Interface Names are no longer limited in
length and support Unicode 16 (previously it was UTF-8)
* Maximum number of rules and services is now 2 million
* Rules can be added quickly with the Services Library Palette
* Users can schedule time periods to activate or deactivate specific

* The detection of Ping Broadcasts has been separated from the other kinds
of Ping Attacks
* A different security policy can be configured for each kind of attack
* Sensitivity can be fine tuned
* E-mail alerts can be sent using servers requiring Authentication
(Password, CRAM-MD5)
* A bezel window can be displayed when a host is added to the stop list
because of an attack
* New look for the alert window, which can be displayed in the foreground
if needed

Stop-List and Trusted Group
* A permanent trusted host can be disabled
* A host can be switched from the Trusted Group to the Stop List
* Ability to see the remaining time, elapsed time and total time for a host
in one of these lists

* Applications can be filtered on a per-port basis
* New look for the alert window
* The alert window displays in front of the Widgets on Mac OS X 10.4
* A bezel window can be displayed to inform the user when an application is
being blocked by the Anti-Spyware
* Different sounds can be used for the alert and the bezel window

* New verify text field to verify the data used

* Updated User Interface

* Updated User Interface for the Monitored Ports editor
* A range of ports can now be specified

* Monitor all active Internet connections or just the ones you specify

NetBarrier Services
* NetBarrier Services can be updated without requiring a restart of your
computer and now include periodic updates for the internal list of banner
filters provided by Intego

* Detects and lists WiFi networks available in the neighbourhood of your
computer (requires an Airport or WiFi card)

* Comments or custom icons can be set for configurations

Mac OS X Dashboard
* Intego Widget
* NetBarrier X4 Widget

Intego NetBarrier X4 supports the latest version of Intego’s NetUpdate
automatic software update engine. NetUpdate X4 includes a completely new
interface, which makes it easier to use than ever. It is also now an
application that can be installed in the Applications folder. In addition,
NetUpdate X4 can be integrated with iCal through the new Intego calendar,
and can be accessed via the Intego menu. Users can schedule when to check
for updates and NetUpdate X4 will automatically check the Intego server for
updates for Intego NetBarrier X4, as well as any other updates for Intego
software installed on the user’s computer.

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.2.8 or higher (Jaguar, Panther and Tiger). Certain software
features are only available with Tiger. * 40 MB free disk space

Pricing and Availability:
NetBarrier X4 will be released in early January 2006. Upgrade versions will
also be available.

Pricing (plus shipping, handling and any applicable sales tax):

Full Version Upgrade
United States US$ 69.95 US$ 44.95
United Kingdom UK=A3 39.95 UK=A3 24.95
Europe (except UK) EUR 59.95 EUR 34.95
Japan JPY 7,000 JPY 4,000

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