VANCOUVER, BC — Waterfall Software today announced and released Typeset 3,
an amazing new application that lets both home and professional users
easily view their collection of fonts, to find “the perfect font” for their
website, print material, or other project.

Like any great Macintosh application, Typeset 3 has a minimalist user
interface with lots of power inside, letting users run it alongside their
favorite apps. Typeset has been engineered to be the fastest way to find a
font. With Typeset, users don’t need to randomly try different names of
fonts – live previews let you scan your fonts with easily customizable
preview text. Even colors and font sizes can be edited in Typeset.

Typeset 3 includes loads of new features, such as giving users the ability
to quickly preview fonts that aren’t even installed on their system. Other
new features include dragging and dropping fonts to other apps, an improved
user interface, a new window letting users identify typefaces used in
styled text, and much more.

Typeset is only compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 or higher. More information
and a trial version of Typeset is available at

After registering, users can add more than five favorites, and the nag
dialog no longer appears. Typeset 3 can be purchased for $19.95 at