InterMapper 4.4

We are pleased to announce that InterMapper 4.4 is now available. It contains a
number of new features that make it easier to monitor a network, including:

* SNMP version 3 – All SNMP probes can use SNMP version 3, as well as
SNMPv1 and

* New Probes for a number of different kinds of equipment:

– New UPS monitoring probes including models from: APC SmartUPS, APC AP961x
(Network Management Card), BestPower, Exide, Liebert, Liebert UPS with
(Web Card), Standard UPS MIB (RFC1628), Tripplite, and Victron.

– New Wireless probes include models from: Tranzeo, smartBridges, Alvarion,
Orthogon, Canopy, Ceragon, Trango, Proxim, Orinoco, and the IEEE 802.11
MIB. (For WISPerMapper customers)

– SSH probe tests a SSH server directly.

– Updated the Barracuda probe to work with the 3.3 firmware.

* Device List shows all the devices on a particular server as a list.

* New Probe Picker makes it easy to select a probe from the full set.

* Double-click actions that run a helper application, execute a built-in menu
command, or open a specified URL

* WINS Naming – InterMapper will attempt to identify devices by a WINS name.

* System Tray icon for Windows and Menu Bar application for OS X

* Group Notifiers allow you to define a group of (possibly different) notifiers

* Per-User Map Access List allows you to view and set the maps a particular
may see

* Syslog Notifier lets you send a syslog message as a notification

* Network Status Window shows top transmit, receive, and errors.

* A number of minor enhancements

This is a no-cost update for everyone whose maintenance contract is in force.
Please get back to me if you have any questions. Thanks!


What’s New?

Detailed Release Notes: