Speck has released the TechStyle Case for the iPod shuffle (second
and third generations). It’s designed to keep the iPod shuffle bruise
and scratch-free and your earbud cords organized and ready for
hassle-free listening, according to Bryan Hynecek, lead designer at

When done listening to your tunes, place your iPod shuffle into the
cradle, wind your earbud cords around the organizer, zip up the case
and you’re ready to go or attach it to a purse, briefcase or travel
bag with the included metal carabineer clip. The TechStyle also
allows you to enjoy your iPod shuffle while stored inside the casep
simply route the earbud cord outside and zip back up.

The TechStyle case includes a removable adapter that allows latest
third-generation iPod shuffle owners to use the TechStyle with both
second and third generation iPod shuffle models. The oversized zipper
pull allows the case to be opened and closed. The case also features
a removable metal carabineer clip for attaching the case to a purse,
backpack or other travel bag.

TechStyle cases for the iPod shuffle are available in the colors of
purple, pink and blue along with classic black, at a manufacturer’s
suggested retail price of $19.95. For details go to