Radical Breeze released DiscBlaze 6.0: Re-written in Cocoa, usability
enhancements, interface re-design.

EVERETT, Washington (October 17th, 2005) — Radical Breeze has released
version 6.0 of DiscBlaze, their popular CD/DVD burning software for Mac OS
X. Version 6 has been completely re-written, from the ground up, in Cocoa.
Designed specifically for Mac OS X 10.4, DiscBlaze 6 includes a host of
functionality and user interface enhancements including: file list
filtering, the ability to drag and drop files between layouts and more.

“DiscBlaze 6 is best described with one word: Cocoa-licious,” stated Bryan
Lund, president of Radical Breeze. “We took all of the things that make
DiscBlaze great: the ease of use, the fast workflow and all the CD/DVD
burning features. Then we gave it a complete Cocoa facelift.”

What’s New in DiscBlaze 6.0:
– Completely re-written, from the ground up, in Cocoa.
– Designed specifically for Mac OS X 10.4.
– Re-designed user interface: slicker and faster.
– Can now edit disc names directly from the disc list.
– Can now burn DMG image files.
– Can now drag and drop files between disc layouts.
– Can now filter the files in a disc layout based on name and path.
– New built-in help.
– New File Info floating dialog: allows for adding comments to specific
files and modifying hybrid/enabled options for multiple files at once.
– Erase Disc now allows for both a quick or complete erase.
– Toolbar is now customizable.

About DiscBlaze (http://www.radicalbreeze.com/blaze/index.html) :
DiscBlaze is an easy to use, full featured application for burning data to
CD’s and DVD’s.

DiscBlaze can be purchased for $29.95.
Discounts for larger volume and educational purchases are also available.

Users who purchased DiscBlaze after June 1st will receive a free upgrade to
DiscBlaze 6.
Users who purchased DiscBlaze prior to June 1st can upgrade to DiscBlaze 6
for $10.
(If you have not received upgrade information, and believe you should have,
please contact support@radicalbreeze.com)

DiscBlaze System Requirements:
– Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.
– A CD burner (for CD burning capability) or DVD burner (for DVD burning
capability) compatible with Mac OS X. (If your CD/DVD burner works with
iTunes or the Finder it will work with DiscBlaze.)
– 700 MB of free HD space to burn roughly 80 minutes of Audio to CD.

For more information, visit:
DiscBlaze – http://www.radicalbreeze.com/blaze/index.html
Radical Breeze – http://www.radicalbreeze.com/
Radical Breeze Online Store – http://www.radicalbreeze.com/store/index.html
DiscBlaze Icon – http://www.radicalbreeze.com/blaze/db6big.jpg