RAGE WebDesign 2.7 Adds Code Hinting and Auto Complete Features

Toronto, Ontario (October 10, 2005) — Rage Software announced today the
immediate availability of RAGE WebDesign 2.7, A major update to the first
HTML source code editor with an integrated Site Manager. This free update
adds code-hinting and auto-complete for HTML documents as well as site wide
HTML tools to convert entire web sites to XHTML/CSS (Cascading Style
Sheets), check source code syntax and external links, optimize source code
and check the accessibility of a web site based on World Wide Web
Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility standards.

RAGE WebDesign is a professional web authoring package offering a powerful
and easy to use text editor combined with a fully featured Site Manager to
help keep web sites up to date and organized. RAGE WebDesign includes built
in support for HTML, XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, PHP, JavaScript, ASP,
XML and VBScript. RAGE WebDesign was designed with flexibility in mind with
its extensible plug-in architecture. There are already dozens of free
add-ons available for RAGE WebDesign users on the RAGE WebDesign Resources
Web Site at

RAGE WebDesign 2.7 adds code-hinting and auto-complete which helps
developers design web sites faster by suggesting HTML tags, attributes and
attributes values as they type. It also adds site wide HTML tools to help
check an entire web site against the HTML standards set by W3C as well as
all external files including links, images, scripts and anchors.

RAGE WebDesign’s new HTML Tools can also convert an entire website to
XHTML/CSS, beautify HTML code making it easier to work with, and optimize
HTML code so it loads faster in web browsers.

Users can try a fully functional trial version, with no limitations, up to
21 times by downloading RAGE WebDesign from The full version of RAGE
WebDesign can be purchased for $29.95 from Rage Software’s secure online
store at and includes one year free
of web hosting. Volume and academic discounts are also available.

Since 1999, Rage Software has continued to deliver unique and useful
Macintosh Software including RAGE Macintosh Explorer, the first ever tabbed
file browser, and RAGE Google Sitemap Automator, the first application to
help webmasters create Google Sitemaps for the Mac. Rage Software aims to
provide unique and useful applications to Mac users at an affordable price.