“zStand, The monitor stand and hidden hub, that stands apart.”

Bend, Oregon (October 7, 2005) Continuing in the Art-Techo style of fusing
technology and art, Pressure Drop today announces zStand, the first sleek,
stylish monitor stand that ingeniously includes a USB 2.0 and FireWire 400
combination hub hidden in the back. The zStand is designed to perfectly
accommodate a Mac mini, providing a place to store the computer safely
inside the stand while organizing a user’s desktop.

The zStand is constructed of solid steel for strength and powder-coated
white and silver to perfectly match the Mac mini. Delivering beauty through
its stylish “Z” shape but brawn through its dual, hardened-steel support
walls, zStand gracefully elevates monitors weighing up to 50 lbs. to a more
ergonomically correct height, easing common neck and shoulder fatigue
associated with improper monitor positioning.

As with other Pressure Drop products, the zStand is not only an artistic
addition to a user’s space but a demonstration of technology blending with
art. Hidden from view is a combination hub employing the lightning-fast
Cypress TetraHub to provide four additional USB 2.0 ports, and the
industry-standard TI controller chip to provide four additional Firewire
400 ports. zStand offers more expansion ports for the Mac mini than any
other hub on the market today. (excluding other Pressure Drop products)

“Users are going to love the multi-functionality and style of the zStand”,
said David Gawlowski, CEO of Pressure Drop. “We have created a
distinguished, high quality monitor stand with the technology hidden away
but immediately accessible. It is Pressure Drop’s crusade through the
Art-Techo movement to stop technology from taking over our space and start
blending it into the background, and we believe zStand exemplifies the
future of technology product design.”

zStand is available now from Pressure Drop’s online store at
pressuredropinc.com for $99.99 and ships with a choice of 12 inch or 6 foot
USB and FireWire cables for connection to either a Mac mini or a standard
desktop computer.

About Pressure Drop

Pressure Drop is the leader in the emerging Art-Techo Movement, a mission
to transform a consumer’s expectation of what technology products should
look and perform like. As creators of the first Art-Techo computer
peripherals, PaperHub and TrestleHub, Pressure Drop has proven that the
computer peripheral industry is ready to evolve beyond utilitarian plastic
boxes and chaotic tangles of wires and cables. Pressure Drop is instead
creating stylish, visionary peripherals that fuse art and technology.
Discover the Art-Techo movement at pressuredropinc.com.