TORONTO, CANADA–OCTOBER 7th–Marketcircle, Inc., a developer of Mac-based
business productivity software, announced today the release of its DayLite
Mail Integration Module (DMI) v1.5. Specifically engineered to provide
Mac-based professionals with fast and efficient CRM functionality, DMI v1.5
builds upon previous versions of the software to offer a broad range of
new, enhanced features to simultaneously streamline and improve the CRM

The new version of DMI quickly recognizes email addresses not previously
added to DayLite or Apple Mail so that users can identify various contacts
as customers, business partners, prospects, etc. If contact addresses are
not found within the DayLite database, DMI v1.5 allows users to add
contacts to DayLite for future use. DMI v1.5 also allows users to create
tasks, appointments, opportunities, and projects for contacts directly from
Apple Mail, without having to access the DayLite application itself.

Additionally, DMI v1.5 offers users unexpanded group handling, which allows
professionals to send emails directly to all contacts within Address Book
groups even when the groups are not expanded or selected. DMI v1.5
dynamically locates all contacts within a specific group once it is
selected and communicates directly with DayLite in order to display the
correct contact information.

“The newest version of Marketcircle’s DMI reaffirms our ongoing commitment
to providing Mac-based professionals with the most advanced business
productivity applications available,” said Alykhan Jetha, President of
Marketcircle. “Our DMI v1.5 enables users to perform a number of tasks and
actions directly from Apple Mail, without having to access the DayLite
application itself. Marketcircle is pleased to introduce DMI v1.5 and to
continue to offer our users the most efficient and innovative applications

For additional information about DayLite and DayLite Mail Integration
Module (DMI), or to download a free 30-day trial, visit, or contact Marketcircle at

About Marketcircle, Inc.

Marketcircle Inc. develops business productivity applications for Mac OS X,
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