Apple Expo 2005, Paris, France — BakBone Software (TSX: BKB; PK: BKBO), a
global provider of data protection software, today announced NetVault 7.3.1
for Mac OS X Server version 10.4 “Tiger” with a native Mac user interface.
This version is the first enterprise-class backup and recovery solution
modeled after Apple’s Server Manager user interface and combines enhanced
data protection with unique networked storage functionality.

“BakBone continues to gain significant traction across a wide range of
industries with its ability to deliver enterprise-class data protection for
Mac OS X Server,” said Jim Johnson, president and CEO of BakBone Software.
“The response from trials underway at leading digital media, publishing,
education, and government organizations has been extremely encouraging.
This is the first data protection product to come standard with the Mac OS
X Server Manager-like user interface which has already been embraced by Mac
OS X network administrators everywhere.”

“The combination of Xserve G5, Xserve RAID, Xsan and Tiger Server offers
enterprise customers an unbeatable combination of price, performance, ease
of use and interoperability in heterogeneous environments,” said Ron
Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of worldwide developer relations. “We’re
thrilled that BakBone continues to advance NetVault for Mac OS X Server
which takes advantage of Apple innovation and offers Mac customers a
familiar interface for customized backup and recovery.”

“While the Mac market was traditionally focused on specialized niches such
as graphic design, education and desktop publishing, today the combination
of Mac OS X Server with new 64-bit processing power allows Apple to support
business critical environments with powerful computing and advanced
functionality. This has prompted increasing data protection requirements
for Mac applications in enterprise environments,” said Arun Taneja, founder
and consulting analyst of The Taneja Group. “Recognizing this opportunity,
BakBone has moved quickly to deliver enterprise functionality that is
clearly ahead of its competition, along with a new native Mac GUI that
allows Mac users to use a familiar interface to speed data recovery,
simplify disk-based backup and integrate solutions such as Apple’s Xsan.”

Designed to address the new reality of multi-terabyte file storage, as well
as help users implement and manage a robust feature-rich data protection
solution that is high performance and easily deployed, BakBone’s latest
software offering fits easily within the price and scale of Mac OS X Server
environments, including those built around Xserve G5, Xserve RAID and Xsan.
NetVault for Mac OS X Server with native Mac interface is ideally suited
for the education, government, digital media and entertainment, publishing,
retail and electronics industries, many of which are already using
BakBone’s product as the foundation for backup and restore applications.

Available in three unique bundles — Entry, Mid-Size and Departmental —
NetVault 7.3.1 for Mac OS X Server with native Mac interface offers a
flexible array of configuration options to match a customer’s unique mix of
budget, feature and service-level requirements. The intuitive interface
complements existing Mac deployments, thus minimizing user learning curve
and freeing up time to focus on deploying backup properly. NetVault for Mac
OS X Server integrates easily with heterogeneous platforms and
business-critical applications while delivering increased performance,
operational scalability, proven reliability and advanced data protection
and includes the following feature specific benefits:

Heterogeneity — Backs up heterogeneous NetVault clients to Tiger Server.
NetVault provides one simple, easy-to-use backup solution for users
managing a Mac-only environment, as well as complex, heterogeneous
environments comprising Unix, Linux and Windows platforms.

High availability — Manages high capacity and data-intensive applications
such as digital audio and video editing using BakBone’s Virtual Disk
Library (VDL) disk-to-disk backup capabilities. This functionality allows a
user to create a VDL inside a disk file system where NetVault backs up data
to a virtual pool of tape storage. Regardless of whether a physical tape
drive or tape library exists, VDL can operate as a standalone backup
storage device, facilitating shorter backup windows while eliminating
backup bottlenecks and minimizing SLA restore times. NetVault’s VDL scales
both in capacity and throughput to meet growing data volumes and high
performance needs without traditional ‘forklift upgrades’.

Scalability — Scales storage environments by simply adding more NetVault
clients to the network. NetVault accommodates increasing demands on network
infrastructure and application-server performances by streamlining the
addition of new clients, which can be introduced dynamically and seamlessly
to the NetVault domain.

Lower total cost of ownership — Lower TCO and increase return on initial
software investment in as little as six to nine months. By dramatically
simplifying implementation and networked storage administration, NetVault
for Mac OS X Server ensures improved data availability while reducing
associated labor costs.

Pricing and availability
Globally available now, bundle prices start from $3,399 for an Entry Level
configuration that includes 10 clients, 1.2TB VDL, 8 VDL devices, and 21
media slots. To purchase, customers are able to source each of the three
NetVault for Mac OS X with native Mac interface bundles exclusively from
the Apple Store and Apple’s Value Added Reseller network. To learn more
about BakBone and NetVault’s enterprise-class data protection features,
please visit BakBone at Apple Expo in Booth D80, BakBone’s web site at or contact

About BakBone Software, Inc.
BakBone Software is a leading international data protection solution
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BakBone delivers scalable solutions that address the complex demands of
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Founded in 2000, BakBone products are used by Fortune 1000 corporations and
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